Premier League 2018/2019


I never had anything against Everton but my god what a pathetic bunch…their fans hoping they loose and with the team they put out it looks like they wanted too…


Playing 3 games in a week there was always going to be rotation. Makes perfect sense to prioritise the two more winnable games (wolves & Watford) over the City game. Also losing 1 nil is to City is hardly pathetic, they are doing better than they did against Wolves.


Oh did City win? How many are they behind now?


Everton made a massive mistake in appointing Silva as manager. Don’t what the hype is about him. Similar to his time at Hull and Watford, Everton are leaking goals on set pieces.


So you didn’t see the game, then?


I expect Lpool to come out fighting now, they’ve lost the favourites tag, they need a bit of momentum, maybe against Bournemouth with the performance or maybe against the odds a bit they’ll produce it at Old Trafford.
If ManC can get the win against Chelski then the pressure is really on. If they drop points in that game and Lpool drop at OT then Spurs have the chance to get right in amongst them


It wasn’t great, but that was probably still Everton’s best performance since the Burnley match on Stephen’s Day. The crowd were fully behind the team and any suggestions that they wanted them to lose are nonsense (not saying that City going top wasn’t seen as a silver lining to the loss, but that is all, the fans wanted a win).

The big problem with Everton is that since Moshiri has come in there have been a long list of poor recruitment choices (both players and staff) and strange structuring decisions. Until some of the off the pitch issues are fixed I don’t think any manager is going to make much of a difference. Although having Silva bring in an assistant coach who specialises in defending set pieces might help.

Squires sums up some of the issues nicely.


Squires is brilliant. He did a great one on O Neill and Keane a while back.


You just know a conversation was had in Nantes as soon as he went missing.


Somebody told them they were gonna welsh on it.


Klopp isn’t playing him in the position he can succeed the most. Anyone who has seen Naby at Salzburg or Leipzig knows his qualities and just how good he is.


I’m sure he was a lazy fooker there too especially tracking back and at set pieces.


How many of those games would you have seen?


Ooooh, yer for it now Sneakers… :laughing:


I absolutely understand. Koppites are insufferable !!!


The young lad asked me earlier did I think City would win. I said yeah, Chelsea are still flakey as hell …

A Sarry sight …


Heard somewhere that if the league started the day Ole took over United would be 4 points clear at the top.


They’re a shambles.


Listening to commentary yesterday and Brian Kerr was saying how Liverpool could push on and score a few goals and improve the GD gap with City playing Chelsea today. Not the way it’s worked out.


Everton’s midweek performance looking better by the second.