Premier League 2018/2019


I believe Declan Rice (according to Newstalk) should have scored and was brilliant tonight. Has he declared his intentions yet?


Still discussing with Jacob Rees Mogg last I heard.


A month ago it was said he will declare “very soon”. I assume he has already declared as he has stopped playing for Ireland. For some reason he doesn’t seem to be able to say the words. I find that strange as he was born and bred English so who could blame him for declaring for England,


Has he lodged papers yet with FIFA? Till then I’m hoping he declares for us.


Ho hum … now I can play for Arsenal or Hartlepool … which one will I pick …


These lads in Paddy Power deserve Oscar’s for this stuff .


Every game gets huuuuger and more bigly now. Pressure on ManC to win at Everton, as Liverpool will have a game in hand, and would be really surprising if they don’t beat Bournemouth at home, even if it’s a bit of a scramble. ManC have Chelski which could see them drop points.
I think they’ll get no more than 3 or 4 from those two games, so if Liverpool can get the job done at home at the weekend they could well still be a couple of points ahead plus a game in hand.

On the other hand if ManC win both games, even if Liverpool beat Bmouth they will only be level on points and then the game in hand is at ManU.
Spurs have two very winnable games so every chance they will still be well in touch.
Anyway the game at Goodison on weds is key, if ManC drop points there then they’ve lost the momentum already with a tough match against Chelski to follow.


Pressure is affecting Liverpool since the palace game. normally they would have hammered all those teams.

Liverpool had 4 winnable games before they got to old trafford , they have 5 points from 9. more points to be lost in the coming weeks by all.


I don’t agree it’s pressure, we’ve had a makeshift back 4 for the last few weeks and it’s caught up on us and we’re missing one or two in midfield also hasn’t helped. Letting Clyne go on loan was a big mistake now in hindsight.

Henderson and Milner have filled in at right back last two games and neither offer any real threat going forward… both have been targeted too with some success.

Long way to go but it was never going to happen that Liverpool would win every game from now till end of season so I’d sooner take 2 draws than 2 losses.

All to play for still.


He should recall Clynne as the constant changes in defence seem to be unsettling them.


All teams have injury’s over the season- you just get on with it. Spurs have had players injured across all positions this season at some stage - the one player that’s been injury free has been off playing for South Korea on two occasions this season missing a couple of games.

Robertson claiming fatigue is kicking in and that’s the reason for the blip - despite being knocked out of the domestic cups in the first round.


I understand all teams have injuries but I’m offering my opinion on why results haven’t been as good recently as they had been. I don’t see how nerves have anything to do with it in Jan/Feb when the season doesn’t finish till May.

It’s hardly coincidence that Liverpool had a settled back 4/5 and were solid and then have had 7/8 players play in the back four over the last 6 weeks and have been offering up twice the chances they were.

Haven’t seen Robertson’s quotes, fatigue might explain some of the injuries but I don’t think those on the pitch are fatigued.

Either way, we’re still 3 points clear at the top of the table. Let’s see what happens. This month is huge.


Let’s see if Livepool can show as much bottle as they did when City went there in the CL last year … :wink:


On a Liverpool related note John Barnes was on sky news defending Liam Neeson over controversial comments Neeson gave in an interview . Odd choice. How did they decide that? Expert professor on racial matters not available I know let’s get ex Liverpool winger in… In fairness Barnes acquitted himself well but odd I thought.


I suppose Barnes was a very high profile victim of racism in the late 80’s, early 90’s at Goodison with the infamous banana pic and even from England fans ( I remember a guy at the time saying they only beat Brazil 1 0 because black goals dont count )
Maybe thats the angle…


The two draws instead of defeats for Lpool could well be significant. Apart from the vital points, psychologically it means a steadier ship. You could argue that has been deliberate, that even when not playing well they’re harder to beat than the other times they’ve been challenging strongly for the league.
That also means there’s more chance of a narrow win in a game like the one coming up next, and such a win would be just what they need perhaps, better than an easy one.


Yeah I get that and he has been on before talking about racism but usually about incidents at football grounds or as part of football culture eg lack of black managers . But Liam Neeson? Maybe it’s a new direction for sky news. Next up on Brexit it’s the barmaid from the rovers return…


He had the maracana thing re 1-0 chanted at him on the plane by a gang of England toerags after the match .( was nt his teammates now)


Liverpool won’t necessarily blink. They’ve been through this before … 29 years ago.


I would have thought they would have waited until the body was recovered etc before going after the cash