Premier League 2018/2019


I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case already.


Liverpool were always going to have a wobble before the end of the season but it’s strange they played so nervously tonight, it was in real terms almost a free game for them, they should have gone out and attacked it with real conviction. Seems like Klopp getting sweaty palms, they blinked tonight and meanwhile much maligned Spurs had a crucial come-back win against a very solid Watford team. Only two points behind ManC now, this could still get interesting.
Chelski falling apart it seems, how it pains me to say those words. Hopefully Ablingovich will finally fook off soon and send them back into the herd.


Gunners into 4th spot now on goal difference. Would be amazing if we could claim the top 4 trophy again! :smile:


Did Liverpool not win???


Most importantly, they go further ahead of City. This is how title runs go. peaks and troughs, it’s how they’re managed by the backroom team is what makes champions.


Not yet. Still 14 games to go


An opportunity missed to put the league to bed, but it is still advantage to Liverpool. In many ways two similar games, the difference is that Liverpool at least got a draw were as City lost.

As for City’s season being a failure if they don’t win the league, I doubt that. Firstly I imagine that the CL is Pep’s number one target (win that and nobody will care about the league) and secondly, how long is it since someone won back to back premierships? Its clearly something that is rather difficult to do.


Liverpool very slow in everything they did and looked nervous but still been a very good week.

Lots of ups and downs yet.


Put the league to bed? Can I have what your smoking? 7 points at this stage is nothing…your falling into the hype machine generated by clowns online. The gap is now 5…look it could be worse. If Liverpool’s wobble is a few draws here and there then so be it…long way to go and plenty of twists.


The positive spin from a City perspective is that 5 points is virtually the same as 4.

7 would have moved it beyond two games so they’ll be happy enough with that.


Hard to see Pool lose 2 more games though, City will deffo drop points. Pool don’t have SlipperMcGerard in their ranks anymore either.

Tá sé Pool’s premiership, gan dabht!


City have not retained any trophy in modern times.

The big issue with City is that they have no plan B. Not for the first time you could get the sense last night that things weren’t going their way - especially as the second half progressed. Even when they went 2-1 down they were still trying to pass their way through a resolute and well organised defence. With a minute to go they were tip-tapping in their own box! In games like that they need more intensity in the final third. Throw caution to the wind. Get it wide and knock in some crosses. Mix it up a bit. You’re allowed score scrappy goals too.


Not under Pep.


I do think 7 points would have done it. The way both sides are playing (plus city’s other targets) I find it hard to see Liverpool losing 3 more games than City.


Can imagine Guardiola shouting: put it in the mixer!

Then vomiting.


Bournemouth won 4-0 … with 32% possession!!


Lamp it in!


Her porn star actress name would be Anna McFeel.


They wouldn’t have to, 2 draws for Liverpool and 2 wins for City the same weekends bring that 7 point lead down to 3 very quickly.

Long way to go yet for both teams.

The next 10 days is huge, City play home to Chelsea and Arsenal and away to Everton. Not guaranteed in any of those games.


Shut your dirty mouth.