Premier League 2018/2019


Good man Rafa ya coupon busting ■■■■■■■ :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Keep going, it’s a huge turn on


A win tomorrow must surely clinch it for Liverpool. I assume City will now focus on the CL.


City have the same players making the same mistakes. No Plan B. Losing in injury time and still passing around in their own box. Walker, Danilo are shite. Stones is no central defender either. Pep lost it too as he is inclined to at times. Knew after about 30 mins that they were going to be in trouble unless they got a second.


What a glorious evening…now Liverpool must win tomorrow…no excuse. Also well done to Man U on a great comeback against Burnley


Did you not already have your 30 seconds of pleasure?


Not since Mayo won the All Ireland.


Liverpool unbackable now I reckon and it’s almost impossible to see them fail now. But if they did …


I don’t think anyone expects Citeh or Liverpool to not drop any points on the run in. Leicester have always been a bogey team for Liverpool. You would have thought that with Citeh having Arsenal and Chelski in there next two games they would have dropped points in those games. Still plenty of twists and turns left in this year’s league or Fowler forbid a slip.


A little breaking news for you, Arsenal are shite, especially at the back. Much and all as I’d love to see them win to help get the illustrious top 4 spot, I really do not see that happening. Not in the slightest. Struggled to beat Cardiff tonight 2-1 by all accounts in the Emirates!!! Not a hope of beating City with all the injuries especially!


That’s a terrible result for Man City.


In a decade or so ago, it wouldn’t be a surprise, but James’s park is not the fort it used to be!


I’m delighted for Mike Ashley. It was great to hear the fans chant his name at the end.

If Arsenal play an open game (as last Friday), City will win.


The Rafa factor.


In fairness, both clubs are owned by c*nts.


Don’t be goin all Sp**an on us …


Like I was saying, ManC not what they were last season.
But Liverpool need to not allow them to hang in by blinking at home tonight. It does look like they will win the league by at least ten points though.


SHhhhush :wink:


Solskjaer time :sunglasses:


Feel sorry for Guardiola, the owners are going to have to back him in the transfer market or he’ll leave.

Completely unfair to expect him to coach a 650 million pound squad to success.