Premier League 2018/2019


More like Miriam O’Callaghan…


Like a clown’s car.


He slept with Tom McGurk too?


Think I read she’d 4 girls with the first hubby then 4 boys with the second.

( That was more interesting in my head than written down but there ya go )


I’m low … explain …


Have you never seen how many people can climb out of a clown’s car?


Aha - like elephants in a mini [car]


A wizards sleeve…


A yawning hippo etc :slight_smile:




Peno Newcastle at 1-1


You have to love Rafa

Fact :wink:!!



City playing like drains tonight and will win nothing with that defence.


Burnley :joy::joy::joy:


Congratulations to Liverpool on winning the premier league for the first time ever. Well done and congrats to their long suffering supporters. No way back for city now.


I think I speak for all Liverpool fans when I say I hope your football predictions are better than your weather ones. :grinning:


Piss poor tonight. Never got going at all - looked very ordinary. Full backs a liability. Silva, Sterling, non existent.


Oh yea of little faith.

As an aside, (you know I’m precious) tell me when I’ve got a weather prediction wrong and quote appropriate posts please!


Boom :exploding_head:


Manchester City have now dropped more points this season (16) than in the whole of last (14).