Premier League 2018/2019



From ESPN; I assume they have their figures right:

“The simple fact is that the FA Cup prize money is £6.6 million, whereas getting to the round of 16 of the Champions League can net you anywhere between £40m and £60m. And that excludes box office receipts and the sponsorship money and prestige the greater visibility affords you.”

Cups are nice and all, but if you want to be able to pay good players, top four has to be the priority.


Barnet still flying the flag for Norf Landan in the FA Cup. Coming from one down to take the lead against Brentford.


Some game


Brilliant. Free quick to equalise was a peach


Chelski Vs ManU in the next round, good chance of a surprise winner this year. I’m putting a few bob on the Wolves


Lamps Derby to at least make final … unfortunately


Barnet were full value for their draw. Unlucky to lose their 2-1 lead to a very dodgy penalty. Showed great character to not give up at 2-3.
Fantastic facilities for a National League team, it seems. I know they did have a spell or two in the Football League but a lot of National League clubs’ facilities would put to shame the FAI for their (lack of) investment in the Irish domestic competitions.


Wimbledon FC Vs Millwall. Not quite like the old days but it’s been an impressive revival by the new club since the split.


Could have been West Ham/Millwall. The old bill be happy arry


That’s the modern game for you. Sad though , and maybe the players and the fans might look back and say was nt it great we won a trophy in 2019. More memorable than was nt it fantastic we finished 3rd and our star player doubled his wages.


Maybe, but are there really lots of spurs fans with glowing memories of their 2008 LC win?


Those spurs fans who went to wembley to the game have I m sure.


Millwall really has a high number of horrible people following them. Old men going out fighting rival fans is pathetic…they would be better off joining the army and fighting isis…they are too cowardly for that though.


There was that video doing the rounds of a 3 or 4 year old boy singing “Milwall, f**k em all” and rounding it off with a racist curse rant. I’ll see can I find it, but it’s a stereotypical Milwall fan’s child according to urban myth!

EDIT: Here you go.
Mind the volume if you have kids around or are in work!


My kids curse worser than that. About Kerry.


Your kids are 58 and 64 though…




63 kids?


ResDubs answer to Raheem Sterling.