Premier League 2018/2019


Another trophy-less season for Tottenham.


At least they’re consistent .


Poche’s comments after were hilarious. something along the lines of “not winning trophies is not important, we want to consistently get into the top 4 instead”. So Spursy! @Bosco did you watch it?


No was up in Belfast for the night so was making my way home and didnt see the game. Didnt hear the comments but yeah hes doing a wenger on it and saying top 4 is more important than a cup. If they finish top 4 this season then it will be a good achievement all things considered. But at the end of the day its not on the honours list finishing 3rd or 4th each season.


Soccer is a business and top 4 is probably more lucrative than a domestic cup. I would say if you asked most clubs which would they prefer, win the cup or play champions next year, most would say champions.


For the supporters, seeing your team lift silverware is obviously the best thing, but clubs like Spurs, need the cash to pay the debt, so top 4 is the key. Getting to last 16 was a huge thing for them.

And yes @Bosco Wenger went on about the top 4 and was ridiculed for it. Maybe he was doing better than we thought? Time will tell!


True. As can be seen from results, intensity and lineouts again this weekend, the FA Cup is not important to most top tier teams.


Should give 3 champo league places in the premier and one for the cup winners


Had to laugh at the united lobby berating Arsenal for not giving them their full allocation of tickets and to the BBC for making it a Friday night game???

Didn’t United not enter the competition a few years ago because they were in the Euro champs league and world super cup thingy??


At the insistence of the FA because they were bidding for the 2006 WC.


I’ve been arguing that for years which is why it probably won’t happen.


FA can’t do it unilaterally afaik. Would have to be UEFA afaik


Not sure if I am right, but someone told me the other day that the premier league would not allow it. it is the same here, 4 places for la Liga and the cup is just a secondary competition and what makes it worse is there are two legs, so the big clubs field really weak teams in the first one and then if necessary field a stronger team in the second.


I’d be pretty pissed off if I was a Spurs fan with remarks like this.


Ah hahahaha. Jeysus. Arsenal were abused (rightly) for years for saying top 4 was a trophy!!! I think that’s gas!


Re-enforcing my thinking that Solskjaer should get the United gig full time. Gamble but doesn’t appear to have an god awful attitude like this.


Sounds like a comment (excuse) José would make. Interesting couple of months coming up for Poch to see how he handles a difficult period and the negativity that will go with it.


He is only reflecting what his masters tell him. No transfer activity in the close season which is actually incredibly when you think about it - not a penny spent.

So which is more important to Levy & Co do we think … a big tin pot - or a €€€ top 4 Champs League spot.


That’s a long running thing with Arsenal - FA rules state that for cup you get 15% allocation for the away teams - Arsenal wont fulfill this.

Think if you are on the way up and progressing , the top 4 is a good season - Arsenals problem was that they were winning and competing for titles , and then had a number of years when they were declining and finishing 3rd or 4th was no longer good enough as it was 9 or 10 years since they won anything, They focused more on the FA cup in wengers last few years.

Also Top 4 finishes was the business model for arsenal from when the stadium was built. So it was a necessity to finish up there.

Not important to a lot of premier league teams and top Championship teams - the money on offer in the PL outweighs the lure of a good cup run.

Easy observation from the outside looking in (not that any of us are truly on the inside) - the reason why there was no signings was due to Poch not signing players for the sake of it - Players he wanted went elsewhere - and that’s not a transfer fee related - its wages related - you don’t want to go down a leeds united road of reckless spending - spurs fans old enough will remember the chairman of the 80’s and 90’s who ran the club poorly. have a look at man citys record signings compared to other teams its not too bad - then look at their wage bill compared to others - them and chelsea are propped up by oil money and then united can match them based on income.

As for the comment about Levy & Co - the amount invested in the club has been huge - its just not all player related - its training ground complex - a hotel out there and then the stadium itself which will be something special when it opens. That’s the ground work put in to provide for the future - so we’ll wait and see


Don’t know what difference it would make in reality. Take the last 20 years for example, only Wigan and Portsmouth have bucked the trend of the so called big 4 (of each decade) winning the FA Cup.

United x 3
Chelsea x 6
Liverpool x 2
Arsenal x 6
Man City x 1
Wigan x 1
Pompey x 1

If it was taken more seriously by the Top 4/5 teams it’s even less likely Wigan and Pompey etc would be any where near the finals.