Premier League 2018/2019


He probably saw what happened to the Man City bus … :grin:


Seedorg sounds like a rapper. Seedorf sounded like a Poindexter. Though he was far from it


What are Mourinho odds for first sacking of season?


I’ll ask him


He says Pep evens


Pochettino yet to sign any players. I wonder if there is trouble there, also? @Bosco maybe has some inside track?


Yeah its not ideal - ammount of players involved in the final and 3rd place play off means limited pre season for them lads. few young lads did well on the american tour , looked lively - however it is pre season.

Suppose to be signing jack grealish - not sure whats the thinking behind that - maybe poch can work his magic. talk of Zaha from palace and then hoping to get martial but united wont sell to us it appears.

Toby is done by all accounts - Poch went all out to get his wage demands met - Levy agreed - Toby’s agent then went looking for more - Dembelle was suppose to be leaving also , but cant see that happening now.

Moura looks like he will make an impact - son is off to play in the asia games so will miss first couple of weeks.

Stadium completion is also going down to the wire so lots happening - would be hopeful there will be a few in’s next week.


jose 6/1 fav to get the sack


doing his usual it seems


Leeds teeing him up I see.


How old is Moura’s son?

It’s a pity that Martial wasn’t around when Law was at Man Utd… The tabloids could have had a field day with their headlines.


Indeed!!! I can just see it now … Mourinho declares Anthony Denis!!


For the same reason I want Kompany to sign for Wolves



Molyneaux would be packed.


Remember when Charlton had a back three of Fish, Costa, Fortune?

My favourite one (it never happened) would have been Bernard Gallagher and Sandy Lyle well clear of the field in a golf championship:
“Gallagher & Lyle breakaway”.


What about the cricket one which did occur. West Indies v England. The batsman ( Michael) Holding the bowlers (bob) Willis ( pronounced Willy).


Close. The bowler was Peter Willey. But well-called. As you were…


Think I said it before but I’d have loved to have seen a Cleverley Dunne combo


Lance Key could have played alongside Phil Babb. Ozil might have enjoyed that…:zipper_mouth_face:


… Only it was Whispering Death who was bowling. Peter Willey, indeed, was the other party involved.
Something tells me it was something Richie Benaud had long envisaged beforehand.