Premier League 2018/2019


Same as the GAA … :wink:




Nice to see Zinchenko score.


There were only 2 English player in the liverpool starting line up for the 85 final, 3 Irish, 4 Scots, 1 Welsh and 1 south African. Was hardly going to have an impact on the English national side.




Was Grobbelaar not Rhodesian/Zimbabwean?


"Shithole… "


ACM have not been a major power for a while now and may not be for a while. They are, however, and will remain, no matter how little success they may have for a long time, most definitely ‘a big club’.


Yeah, think you are right.



Born in South Africa raised in Zimbabwe.


Fair play to you woth for a non-Pool fan you have a great knowledge … :hushed:


Similar to yourself. Are you both Ohm and Wasonthehill83 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I am a man of many parts. Most of them are broken. Some irretrievably so.


I ve no interest in the Kardashian’s either , fire ahead.


Rice gives the Hammers the lead . Has there been an announcement yet whether he’s declaring for Ireland .


Was not pretty but a win is a win for da pool. Always looked comfortable. In seasons gone by you always felt Liverpool needed a second or they would end up drawing but not anymore.

I remember the great Alex Ferguson teams going to the likes of Bolton or Middlesbrough and getting 1-0 wins…it’s all about the 3 points and you can’t play champagne football every week.


Same as the last 6 mths, he’ll make his decision “soon”. if it was left to me I’d say no thanks. Nothing personal against him but If you have to think about it you’re not Irish


Hard to see him picking us now anyway . Farce of a situation that his mind could have been changed at all . I know we have and greatly benefited from this Irish lineage abroad but this rule has to be amended that once you line out, that’s it , you’ve declared for the country .


It can’t be that long since it was changed to the current rule as it was always the case once you played a game even friendly you were tied to that country. I would prefer a return to that as that way you mainly get committed like Kilbane, Aldridge, The less Townsends we get the better