Premier League 2018/2019


Do ‘big’ clubs not bother competing for the second biggest domestic trophy because it would mean too many extra games? :wink:



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Don t support any uk clubs so I can proclaim myself neutral here. On the basis of history and success I think Liverpool can count themselves as a big club. Before the satellite era I think if you asked European fans to name 2 English teams they probably say Liverpool or Man U. 5 euro cups / cl alone is evidence of that. Only a handful of clubs can match that.


Only Real Madrid and AC Milan have more European cups than Liverpool so LFC are in fact a major European club that are known the world over.


Nonsense. They have only one (lucky) Champions League and not a single Premier League. It wasn’t too hard to win a European Cup with one club per country back in those days. Sure the likes of Malmo, Brugge. Partizan and Panathinaikos all got to finals. It was like Kerry winning their All Irelands - only having to play maybe one game.

Multiple Champions League winners such as Real, Barca, Bayern and Milan are the real major powers.


Lucky…well they did get to the 07 final and last years final. Have 4 UEFA cups too win in times when it was a damm hard cup to win. Liverpool have a great European pedigree and are one of the worlds biggest clubs…that’s not nonsense, it’s a fact my friend


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You had to win your league to get in before the 92-93 competition.Bruges who Liverpool bet in 78 defeated juve and A Madrid ( serie a and la Liga winners) on the way to the final. Dinamo Tbilisi knocked Liverpool out 4-2 on agg in 1979 I think. Bob paisley who knew a thing about football said they were the best team Liverpool ever played. Football had a greater spread of strong clubs back then .


Spanish football was poor in the 70s - Italian not great either. Stronger clubs? :joy: Most club record wins/defeats stem from then. There was some pure muck in the European Cup.


Would ya stop and give credit where it’s due. They bet Borussia monchengladbach in 77. Considering Bayern were the previous 3 European cup winners and West Germany the World Cup winners Borussia were up to your standards.


Bruges? :+1:


By that definition the mighty Wigan Athletic are a big club because they won the FA Cup in 2013 :grin:


And sure why not! Though I think the criteria here for a big club is having crowds of 50k watching you win nothing for years. :smirk:


UEFA Cup runners up in 76 as well. Belgium were runners up in euro 80 so Belgium had a strong league then.Would you dismiss the Aberdeen team of Ferguson s management as being unworthy opposition because they re a fairly small club in this era.?


It illustrates the standard at the time too no?


Do you not think that Aberdeen team were good ? Cup winners cup in 83 beating Real Madrid in final. Scottish league winners 3 times , providing players for a Scottish team that could qualify for World Cup s then. How do you quantify standards? I think any win in a European cup or champions league has to be respected.


I can’t undertand how England didn’t win the WC in 78 and 82 and the Euros in 80 with Liverpool, Forest and Villa ruling Europe. I think they were good teams but the standard was nothing like today. People assume the Italian and Spanish Leagues have always been strong. They haven’t. There were far less foreigners in those days too but the English teams had the pick of 5 countries.


I think there are pros and cons to both eras. The current system is there for the Real Madrid and Barcelona s of this world. Difficult for them not to make the last 8 at least. Re England, never good enough same as any era post 66 .