Premier League 2018/2019


Disaster of a situation they should be fined or docked points at this stage
You shouldnt try and rush building a new stadium


I wouldn’t be of the opinion that whatever they have gotten wrong is deserving of dropping points or even fined. Using a different stadium to play your “home” games isn’t a new phenomenon. I just think that in the interest of fairness, having played all of their home games to date at Wembley, all remaining “home” fixtures in the PL should be ordered to be hosted at Wembley.
I don’t think they timeframe for a new stadium was rushed. It’s been about 20 months since they last played there. A lot of construction work had already taken place by then.
Whatever is causing the delays, be it the various contractors or Spurs themselves, its the season ticket holders that may be inconvenienced and those living within the shadows of Wembley Stadium itself who have probably had to put up with a lot more inconvenience than they would normally expect. Compensation should be forthcoming to those people.


Fined or docked for what now ?
The builder committed to a time frame for the phase 2 - which included taking a part of white hart lane down for the final season in there - they have been building the ground since 2015 -
phase 1 started in 2012 - so its not an episode of DIY SOS and lashing up a stadium. Spurs had a back up plan of wembley till christmas prior to the shit storm which is the safety system that failed its commissioning testing.

if you look at the other teams in the premier league , Liverpool had the league agreement to play first couple of fixtures away from home while they got the new stand ready - not finished - in 20 months. it was a few months after when it was fully finished

West ham have a similar agreement due to the athletic in the London stadium every few years. Chelsea will be playing at wembley if they redevelop Stamford bridge, so there seems to be an understanding from the other clubs that its a unique situation and if other clubs are planning something similar in the future that there will be lessons learned and similar understanding if the show is on their foot.

Spurs stadium was due to be ready - not finished - for August with test events planned before the commissioning failed - i do follow the build on another forum (am i cheating on res dubs by doing that ??) and the safety systems at new white hart lane are more advanced than any of the other recent grounds - so its not a simple fire alarm system that’s failed. While they are fixing and retesting that - the works to finish the stadium this summer have been brought forward.

The fans are pissed off - Wembley is too big and vast for a club team - even when it is full. So what you have now is the novelty of the place well worn off , many fans are claiming their refunds off their season tickets and cherrypicking games. The attendence is capped for now at 51K as the stadium can operate at that capacity any day of the week. its costing the club a fortune in lost revenue and stadium rent - not to mention the bad PR from the fans - Can they make exact information of the faults public - prob not as there will be a few court cases after this i’m sure.

So for me - Fining and docking points is nonsense. If the other clubs kick up - then yeah its fair if we are forced to see the season out at wembley (that would reduce the pressure on Levy - so maybe that’s why the other chairmen are letting it run !)


Ah poor @Bosco - don’t mind them. :laughing: am I cheating on Res Dubs! :joy::joy::joy:

Anyhow the Wembley pitch is in a far more dangerous state. Poor Harry Kane got a terrible fall last night and nobody near him.


ah here - if the standard is salah against newcastle that time - its a peno all year long


Reading that the stadium was designed for 3K fire detection heads and the panel that controls said system is capable of that. it seems the 4.5K fire heads were installed - and even some of what was installed by builder isn’t correct - so the plans were not followed.

Big job to remedy that - realistically will be at wembley for the rest of season.


Big job? Would have thought it was just a straight swap? Not my area of expertise at all, but surely that wouldn’t take months to remedy?


Consecutive clean sheets for City … finally.


In a 3/4 empty stadium…even with all that money city are still are small club. It’s a cup semi final no matter who you are playing.


Too many fans gone for a Burton?


Ceilings and all that jazz have to come down. Apparently


What is a small club exactly? Can you define it? Would it be a club who have never won the EPL? Haven’t won a top league for nearly 30 years? Any trophy in nearly 15 years? That’s a small club yeah? Oh is it only crowds? So Newcastle are another ‘big’ club … who win fcuk all. Leeds too mind. Big clubs that hold onto superstars like Coutinho? Suarez?

Big club. Small club. You’re having a laugh. :joy::joy::joy:


That’s not months of work though, unless they have a 3 man work group!!! That’s mental Bosco!


Newcastle surely the worst case… Fans think they belong in the premiership and are a top club mostly on the basis of attendance, 70 years or something since they won anything of note.


Aye - Blackpool and Blackburn have a bigger case. But if you take out the amazing mid-70s to mid-80s period for another ‘big’ club the rest of their history is very ordinary too. They had a little over one decade of a brilliant period but the rest of their existence (90+%) is on a par with many other English clubs - many now in the lower divisions. United are probably the only club that can argue to be in a par with the real European power houses of Spain, Germany and Italy.


As a Leeds fan I’d have us similar to Newcastle… most of our fans don’t believe we have a divine right to be in the Premier league. Leeds have a better history and probably more longevity as title contenders in the top league, despite how many times they’ve bottled, and appalling cup final records.


I would disagree in that Newcastle have tremendous attendances, whether they are in the PL or the Championship. I would rank their fans amongst the most loyal. I think the only entitlement they feel is that their club should be far better run, given their level of loyal support, stadium size and overall revenues.


You’re obsessed :joy::joy:


Mate on mine is Season Ticket holder in Newcastle, he was telling me there’s a 3yr waiting list and they have 20K renewed even before the previous season is finished.


Sunderland wouldn’t be a million miles behind them in that regard. I would class both as ‘big clubs’ because of the size of the loyalty of their support.