Premier League 2018/2019


Great article here that Gary Linekar just tweeted. Worth a read if you have 2 minutes:


I find it hard to have sympathy for a player who tends to fade out of games when his team isn’t winning to the point that he looks disinterested.


So no sympathy for someone who is subjected to vicious abuse just because he doesn’t do it on the big day? Sound logic that


Interesting to hear of the background of the football president, and the comments of others. I can imagine the abuse the neanderthals are giving him on social media, nothing excuses that.

His argument is a little contradictory though. He doesn’t like being called German-Turkish but poses with the Turkish president alongside a sign saying ‘my president’ or similar. He used the example Podolski not being called German-Polish, but I don’t think Podolski was photographed similarly.

It was also spectacularly naive given the current political climate in Turkey, and especially considering the immigration debate in Germany itself.

But no doubt the knuckle-draggers are looking for someone to blame for their poor performance in the world cup.


I think he may be telling porkies, somewhat.


Of all the meats to choose :wink:


Good discussion about this on the Second Captains podcast yesterday. He undoubtedly makes very valid points and he is being scapegoated for the poor world cup performance by Germany, he is also being either naive in the extreme and/ or wilfully ignorant about his relationship with Erdogan.


Had a listen to that last night, he seems to be quite selective in what he’s aware of.

Emre Can had the right idea ducking out.


rob green just signed for Chelsea are they gone mad


It frees up another spot on the international quota as a result of being homegrown.


robbing a living he is



A little drop of rain and they abandon the game!!!


All is not well in the OT house, it seems. Mourinho seems to be turning on his players in a similar way to the way he was doing so (and on the team doctor) at Chelsea three years ago.



I’d prefer if he stayed for much the same reason as I hope Rochford stays at Mayo …


How times have changed


And these were SHOCKING figures at the time!! Some serious footballers in there all the same!


Zidane and Seedorg both going for £3.2M, that wouldn’t even get you a Loris Karius these days


His replacement at Liverpool, Alisson, apparently cycles to and from the training ground! :slight_smile: