Premier League 2018/2019


I did also note the last night that while Liverpool fans sang and chanting their own songs the city fans could only chant “city” or degoratry terms about scousers


Very injury prone, main reason hes moving off to china. Smashing player great player to have in your side when you need someone to put the foot on the ball and calm things down. Looked a real talent at Fulham dribbling past everyone with ease


God bless your hearing - I can never make out a word. Great City support alright - for a change. Think the Liverpool bus arrived safe and sound too.


Plenty of booing of Liverpool players though from the start. What did you make of that :smirk:


Don’t mind that…they do it an Anfield and ahem da hill too :wink:


Yeah, I’d agree. Could tell back then he was destined for better things.


Sterling plays for City now.


They were saying Boo urns…


Wait til you hear the Pool fans booing VVD next year … when he’s playing for City :grin:


I don’t get the City are better than Liverpool obsession from a Leeds fan


Dint worry about it too much :+1:


Praying for Leeds to get back into the premiership next year so you can really relate to this thread :pray:


Ah nah - I’ll never really relate to this thread. I’m from Dublin.


Didn’t Eamon Dunphy and a few others want to move Wimbledon to Dublin a few years back and create a premier league team in Dublin ??


Aye there was talk about moving a franchise to Dublin and having a Premier League team based here but it was about as realistic at the FAI running a domestic league competently.


Well they just lost Jonathan Soriano to Saudi giants Al-Hilal so they need a decent replacement going into an Asian Champions League Campaign.


Il n’y a pas de mots …


120 posts in topic later :slight_smile:


Tottenham to remain at Wembley until March, at least, it seems.
They should be just told at this stage that they cannot play in their new stadium until next season. A total shambles.


Oh I can wind away but I would never do the ‘we this’ and ‘we that’ because basically it’s like Vienna … it means nothing to me