Premier League 2018/2019


They aren’t the only ones out


Irish lad on the bench for Liverpool tonight as sub keeper.


Liverpool’s lucky run continues as Lovren goes off injured after 6 minutes.


To be replaced by a first year minor, sorry 16 year old!


I backed wolves tonight as a Liverpool fan. Not too fussed about the FA cup this year being honest. Still hope we win but won’t give it a second thought if beaten


Liverpool still on for the double.


Brighton away on sat is a big big game. I’m not so disappointed as I’ve never bought into the media hype that Liverpool have squad depth…tonight proved that.



“It’s alright didn’t want to win it anyway”


Shaqiri and Sturridge didn’t want to know. Origi is cat. Very short in central defence though and may need to buy cover. Might get JT out of retirement.


Brilliant debut it has to be said.


Liverpool have gone from being unplayable to an awful team in the space of a week…people really do loose their minds


Yeah theyre hardly a terrible team now :rofl:
Its been 2 bad games for them theyll be fine and will be competing at the business end of the season no doubt


Thought he might have ended up at Rangers.


He still might. I’d say Liverpool will be glad to see the back of 2019. Haven’t won a game this year.


That’s a low fee :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


*Que the usual “I have watched Beijing Sinobo Guoan since I was a kid” phrase used by every footballer that moves to China


Out of contract in the summer.


Great response…just wish he spelt stadium correctly :slight_smile:


A very valid observation ignored by a smartarse but incorrectly spelt tweet.


What do you make of him . Thought he was great at Fulham . Didn’t seem to have the impact at Spurs last couple of years .