Premier League 2018/2019


Would anyone else think Liverpool should ditch the champions league just to focus on the league, the league is huge for them and I reckon city will want to go far in Europe so they could just put all their effort into the league

Liverpool can most certainly pick up all the points from their next 5 games as city have it a little more difficult


Don’t think they will ditch the champions league, a lot of money involved and in the knockout stages the schedule isn’t near as hectic as the group stages.


You should know by now, @FiscalRectaltude that you’re not going to please everyone, all of the time.


I’ve seen far worse from other managers. Guardiola (and Klopp) don’t seem to get into too much trouble with what they say to fourth officials. It would suggest to me that any criticisms they vent are not done in a personal way and done to the point, albeit angrily.


Pep is a good lad to interview when his teams win - when they loose hes not so charming


Liverpool just sold solanke for 19mil ha


Good title for a song!
I admire both of those managers for many things but they are both also quite annoying public personas, probably just as Gavin is to many outside his own county.
Klopp especially strikes me as too good to be true, all his working of the crowd and loving it up with players and that sort of thing is very people-pleasing, to me. I prefer to see managers with a bit of professional dignity and distance I have to say, and genuine care, which wasn’t really in evidence towards his goaly at the end of the Champions League final. It’s moments like that reveal the true character of somebody I feel.


I would have to agree with this his stance on Klopp, he really tries to make himself a fan favorite which he is at Liverpool but his record in finals is not so good and this should be prioritized, it is great having the fans and players onside the way he has but these players want success and this is something he doesnt always bring to the table
He suits Liverpool in regards their love for attacking football but other than that he needs to win something while he is there,which is not out of his reach


There’s really no fault on the keeper there it was past him before he could move and he had his near post covered as good as any keeper would.


Rather than fault Allison I think it’s better to admire Aguero’s touch, turn and explosive finish.


Yep saw it again, it was a rocket, and also probably did not expect him to have a go from that angle.


Who else have they that’s better than them three? Fabinho and Keita don’t look great to me although I haven’t seen them much. In a game like last night the manager will always go with experience over potential. Henderson is a really hard working player but he offers zero creativity wise. He killed England in the World Cup semi. Didn’t know what to do once Croatia got level and then went into the lead. He is a major weakness that Klopp hasn’t addressed.


Should never have played a 4-3-3 to start. Look at the Arsenal game when he played a 4-2-3-1 with back four same as last night with Wijnaldum and Fibinho in front of them and then a midfield 3 of Sane, Firmino and Shaqiri with Salah up front playing in the number 10 position.
It would have nullified the City midfield better than last night.


Fabinho is growing into his role and has looked a good buy the last month or so.


He will be Fab imho


They’ve conceded the fewest amount of goals in the Premier League.


Indeed. Though they conceded 25% more goals on Thursday night than they had for the previous 20 games. :nerd_face:


87.6% of statistics are made up.


:+1: 100% right.


Not sure where to put this but Wigan already out of FA Cup losing at West Brom 1-0