Premier League 2018/2019


Not the worst result in the world for Liverpool . United could still have a say in who wins the title . Have to face both of them .


I would have jumped at being 4 points ahead at the start of December but last night was an opportunity missed. A couple of winnable but tricky games coming up for Liverpool. Man city should win their next few before they face Arsenal and chelsea in a row


If you’d told me before Christmas that Liverpool would be 4 points clear at this stage I’d have bitten your hand off for it.
Shame it’s the cup this week.


no harm having a break. There would be massive pressure on Liverpool this week against what could be a tricky Brighton tie away. Also an extra week to give Gomez time to come back


True , opportunity to get the momentum going again after a tough loss .


Don’t think Gomez is back until late January. Need him back badly, I honestly think Liverpool would have won last night with him playing


Two managers who also gave frank, honest interviews last night after the game. Klopp, as is his right, questioned Kompany’s challenge but I actually agree that it was right not to be a red card. There are a quite a few managers who could learn from how both Klopp and Guardiola conduct themselves, in my opinion. They are passionate while the game is on but give reasoned opinions and arguments afterwards.


I think if Salah had managed to clip the ball over Kompany’s legs it was a red card, otherwise a yellow probably just about the right call although it could have been given as a (soft) red for a reckless challenge easily enough


Cup break this weekend is ideal for Liverpool. Rest key players and regroup. How they respond in the next 3/4 league games will go a long way in telling the mentality to win the league.


Brighton (A), Palace (H), Leicester (H), West Ham (A), Bournemouth (H) are Liverpool’s next 5 fixtures before United away

City have Wolves (H), Huddersfield (A), Newcastle (A), Arsenal (A), Chelsea (H), Everton (A)

Liverpool probably need at least 13 points out of those 5 games


In all fairness Liverpool should be gettting 15 points there handy enough. After that run of games above I’d be very surprised if the gap is still 4 (or less!).


I know Kun buried his goal, but a keeper should never be beaten from that angle.


I think you’re being exceptionally harsh on the keeper there. It’s the one part of the near post that he can’t cover with his body


As I said he buried it and I would not consider it a howler, but it was an impossible angle and I felt he should have had it covered.


how though?


It was hit with some power and in the only position the keeper couldn’t get to. It was past the keeper before he could react and he wouldn’t have got a strong hand to keep it out even if he could react.


Maybe you are right, would have to see it again, but it was just the impression I got, but as I said, it was by no means a howler on behalf of the keeper.


His long ball to Van Dijk and VVDs response summed that up


So, pretty boring then yeh? No real passionate rivalry, just admiring each other and respectful


Not sure the 4th official would agree with you on that one!!!