Premier League 2018/2019


quick google says it stems from him running down his contract at city and saying he wanted to move on as he wanted to play more and in central midfield rather than the wing - he then signed for liverpool on a free and played less until he started playing at left back. He then scored for liverpool against city and gave it socks , where as when he was at city and scored against his former teams he didn’t celebrate.


Pool didn’t deserve anything from tonight…just need to write tonight off and focus on the next game. Liverpool were always going to loose a game and as daft as this sounds a defeat kind of takes the pressure of being “unbeaten” away.

4 points ahead at the top…would take bitten your hand off for that at the start of Xmas.


Klopp got the selection wrong.

Always going to struggle in the midfield against City but we’re completed out ran

Lovren ability was shown up tonight


there will be more points dropped between now and may.

you cant win them all


Look all fans have a habit of going overboard in defeat and victory. The next league game reaction will tell a tale. The next 5 league games are all very winnable before we head for a rejuvenated Old Trafford.

Though I’ve said Henderson is simply not good enough for LFC. He is an honest player but not skillful or commanding enough.


Arsenal’s unbeaten league season remains unequalled so! Thanks City!


I’m Klopps biggest fan but playing Hendo, Milner and wijnaldum in midfield hasn’t worked before and Klopp has to take it he got the selection wrong.

And then keeping Henderson on for the full game was criminal.

Hopefully it’s the kick up the hole they all needed.


Oxymoron or paradox … I never know the difference …


Fabinho made a big difference when he came on. Looks to get the ball forward everytime.

Salah was well Marshalled tonight. Clever physical defending between the back four and fernandinho just blocking his runs through him completely off his rhythm.

Van dijk is still an imperious defender. Very little went down his side of the defence successfully Hopefully gomez is back soon enough


Enjoyable game with great intensity. Most of the big game players showed up for City, Fernandinho was immense - no coincidence he missed the Palace and Leicester defeats and Aguero is still world class. Sterling did well and Sane was good in the second half while Bernardo Silva worked his socks off. The defence was solid enough but had a lot of hairy moments caused by unnecessary panic which happens far too often. D Silva was poor enough. De Bruyne must be still carrying if he wasn’t brought on but Walker and Otamendi would not have been my choice - nor Gundogan either.

I think if Liverpool showed a little more ambition there was more in this game for them. The only time they pushed on for a period they scored and it was the only stage of the game that Firmino was able to be involved (and looked very dangerous) - but that was all only for about ten minutes and then again when having to push on when 2-1 down. That said it was a game City HAD to win but not Liverpool so Klopp’s tactics were understandable. But I would never have Henderson in ahead of Fabinho (or Keito either). Also I would not have taken Mane off unless his leg was hanging off - yet Milner and Wijnaldum were subbed and Henderson finished the game? Lovren was as always an accident waiting to happen but if VVD stays fit/unsuspended then Liverpool won’t lose many.

Overall, despite having far more squeaky bum moments City deserved the win but there are still issues there (11 games now without a clean sheet) but it keeps the League open for now.

ps What have Fabian Delph, Barclay, Phil Jones and Henderson got in common.


Huge amount of foreigners playing in the EPL, way ahead of the Liga, given that the Liga teams have been far more succesful in Europe it would make you wonder are they overpaying average players in England, 34 Spanish players in the EPL this year, a lot I have never heard of, two UK players in the liga, Bale and an English lad in Girona forget his name.


Patrick Roberts - a man city player - on loan at Celtic last season.


Eh … yeah.


If he was really ohm he would of mentioned Arijanet Muric the back up for city and young Kosovo keeper played a game for NAC Breda at the start of the season before his loan was cancelled


Indeed. Shite though. Young Haskins in the 12Fs however is cutting quite a jib.


Now you are starting to sound like Dub09! :fearful:
So Citeh keep the league alive but I expect Liverpool to bounce back. There will be wobbles no doubt. I think they will pull away again at some stage and then a late MC charge if/when they have less injuries etc


Who do Man Utd fans hope win the league? Man City or Liverpool? (Neither isn’t a valid answer)


Agree on pretty much all of that.

There must have been 3 occasions in the game where City were scrambling men onto the line to stop a goal which Liverpool couldn’t take advantage of. How Salah didn’t block Stones clearance in the 1st half I don’t know

Kompany’s tackle was probably a yellow, but would have surely been a red had Salah managed to lift the ball over him. Fine margins in a game as tight as last night but agree that City were the better team but could have easily ended up on the losing side in what was a fairly tight and tactical affair bar the last 20/25 mins


Man U fans in Ireland definitely want city to win…ain’t too many city fans in this country. As for Man U fans from Manchester…well who knows.


Kinda similar to if you asked would I prefer to see Everton or Man U win. Hands down Everton all day