Premier League 2018/2019


The VAR, has helped in la liga for diving in the box, still needs improving as the ref can choose not ask the VAR and just give the peno, there have been a calls where the ref got it wrong and had he consulted he would more than likely have changed his mind, but in general it has been a big improvement, less diving and protesting


Watched a program on Sky few years back on Italian underage Soccer. And part of the training was on diving, concentrating on technique etc. Ridiculous stuff


Looking forward to the game tonight. It should be a cracker with two excellent sides but I think the City defence will be found out :crossed_fingers:


Far more pressure on city too, lose and the league is over, win and they are still in with a shout, Liverpool would be happy enough to share the points I’d imagine.


It’s been well found out.


Starting team for City
Ederson, Danilo, Stones, Kompany ©, Laporte, Fernandinho, Silva, Sane, Bernardo, Sterling, Aguero

Subs: Muric, Walker, Gündogan, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Otamendi, Jesus

No Walker or Otamendi is good … Stones not so sure. KDB mustn’t be 100%. Pity


No Walker for City will certainly help them but Kompany is weak and can be ran at.

Can’t belive Klopp has gone for One Foot Henderson


Cracking goal!


enjoyable game so far


Great goal but Liverpool all over the shop. City fans now signing allez allez…jasus


Liverpool struggling to get on the second ball aroind the middle. Fernandinho running the show there. Cracking goal but City had struggled to create much up to that point. Liverpool will need to change the midfield to get a bit more going forward


Need a change in the middle. Hendo should be gone and Shaqiri on and possible Wijnaldum off to as he’s carrying a yellow and Keita in.


Are you really @Ohm


Lovern to get his marchers in this


City by far the better side so far


goal has settled them down


Yeah agreed and game can easily get away from Liverpool here.

They need a change ASAP


Ever since the change and Liverpool went back to 4 across the middle they’ve been very good.

Alex arnold was brilliant for the goal as was robertson.


Why do city fans boo Milner? A player their club sold on. Pathetic


The idiocy of your average football fan knows no bounds.