Premier League 2018/2019


Also another amusing thing is everyone saying Liverpool fans are getting carried away when fact is it’s opposition fans and media that are hyping Liverpool up…I’ve yet to see a Liverpool fan say we are definitely gonna win da league…

And sure if fans can’t enjoy this run we are on sure what’s the point of sport…we get it being mayo fans too…stop dreaming ye are deluded for thinking ye can win it…why? If you take away the chance or even the dream what’s the whole point of even playing sport? Believe


Calamity at the back for City.


Responded well there , 3.1 up.


Thought it was only Liverpool fans who lose the run of themselves :thinking:


It’s been a great start for Solskjär and has completely shown up Mourinho’s football for what it is yet again. He needs to go to Tibet or something and sort himself out or the rest of his life could be increasingly bitter and ignominious.


All winable games to be fair,
Also more a refelction of the players getting the manager the sack - not that the mourhino gave a bollox


Agree…these players are getting huge sums of cash to play for their club and it’s clear now they downed tools for Jose. If I was a Man Utd fan I’d be disgusted with the players because united team is actually good and they should be in the top 4 but I don’t see them making that now.

Teams always gets bounce with a new manager however so sterner tests lie ahead for them.


When ole starts laying down the law, the playwrs will think why bother he’ll be gone in a few months.


Dead cat bounce is my favourite phrase in relation to the uptick in results generally with a new manager


His first 4 games were all very winnable - fifth is Spurs. Pogba is now a hero - so who is wrong? Any team with Bailly and Young in it are limited enough.


I agree the modern player attitudes stink but it’s also a reflection of the given club and the challenges are the same for every huge club, every manager, all players.

Mourinho had very good players but no ability or attitude to get them playing a game they believed in. So most of the blame lies with him in the end, and if not then he and Man U should’ve only signed players that were 200% committed to win at all costs football and what it required.

But ManU is far far from a club that buys into that throughout, they sold out to desperation to get success in order to appease whoever for whatever, and Mourinho was the one manager who used to be able to almost guarantee it. But looking at his record with Real Madrid, similar club in some ways to Man U, the signs were clearly there that it wouldn’t work.

Also his return to Chelski when Abramavich had decided he was bored with ‘just winning’.


I agree that attitudes could be better, but I also feel a lot of that was Jose’s fault. I mean if my boss kept putting me in a role that I wasn’t suited to, then started criticising me in public, demoted me and then called me a virus in front of my colleagues, I ‘m pretty sure I wouldn’t be trying that hard either (in reality you would be off to HR).


Sure didn’t I say that above, it’s mostly his fault, and the law of diminishing returns. He made his bed


Christ the diving for penalties in soccer would make you sick. I settled down to watch highlights of some top Eng Premier Lg games with plenty of goals, expecting a feast of great football, instead left reminded yet again why I don’t bother anymore.
What’s the offside rule these days, if an offside player not receiving the pass/ball subsequently gets the next pass and scores, did it not mean he was active initially (goal was allowed), and therefore subsequently offside?


It should be a red card offence, in my opinion.


Agree, and something that should be enforced by rule after a game review. It would encourage players to stay on their feet. I see kids do it at our under 9’s training last year. Turned my (sizeable) stomach to see it!


That was committee banning players for diving but they don’t seem to enforce bans anymore. Thought Salah would have been banned for dive against Newcastle.


Were seeing a lot of this in gaelic games especially in football. Cillian Neymar O’Connor fond of this :joy::joy:


Most people use their eyes.


True, but when the belly’s ginormous, it’s in the line of sight!