Premier League 2018/2019


LFC have arsenal and city up next
4 points out of that and they’ll be laughing.


They’ll get 3 off Arsenal anyway, shocking at the moment, defensively and attack wise!


Thought it all year that arsenal were suspect at the back - they showed up against us in the league - but have gone back to type since. They had a decent run of fixtures after first two games and did well taking 4 points from tottenham and liverpool.


To be fair, the first choice pairing would be Holding and Sokratis, both of whom have been injured. Koscielny has a long way back at his age and such a serious injury. At least the midfield defensive side is sorted with Torreira. He’s class. Need a big transfer window now with Ozil, Ramsey and maybe a couple of others on the way out. Need a centre half, a winger and an attacking midfielder.


Liverpool not scoring as many goals as last season (it seams) but they haven’t had to. Their defence has been shockingly good. Klopp, for all of his attacking mindset, has shown himself to be very pragmatic, also.


Spurs been Spurs again :neutral_face:


Liverpool Arse smacking at the moment!!!


Last season they got 84 goals. So far this season 43 from nearly 19 games. They will Shirley well surpass last season as it’s hard to see them falling away like then…


48 after nearly 20 :wink:


Sublime going forward at times again today and yet seem to be conserving energy and not hitting top gear…or a case of not having to hit top gear.

We seen arsenal go 1 up and pool stepped on the gas and before you knew it were 2-1 ahead.

I’ll be going to Anfield myself in a few weeks, hopefully can keep this going and the atmosphere will be electric.


What you cant loose a game every now and again. Very flat today throughout.


I was watching it in the back ground . Thought a couple of wolves goals were against the run of play . Thought they’d win comfortably once they went 1 up.


I didn’t see today but the scoreline against Bournemouth flattered them I felt. Could have easily lost that game.

On the flatness do they have much depth across the squad? Seems to be a steady flow of youth team players stepping up but is it a step too quick for some or was not buying players in the summer the right call?


Nah at one stage they couldn’t pass the ball to each other, wolves put the pressure on before they equalised, prob fair to say third goal came against run.

Dissapointing day


Not sure about other teams but we’ve had a heap of injuries so the squad has been given a run out so far this season, key players were at worldcup till the end so they’ve rotated all year. Missed demeble to today, if for nothing else just to put to the foot on the ball at times. Better get use to it as he’ll be gone next year.


That said Wolves are a breath of fresh air and have pulled off some remarkable results.

Also there is always a lot of inconsistency about over Xmas/NY. Eg Leicester beat Chelsea and City but lose at home to Cardiff.


Yeah wolves are a handy enough team.


Liverpool remaining fairly consistent, in fairness.


They are - have had a few rubs of the green which you need but are where they are on merit.


I’ve seen plenty of comments especially from Man Utd fans saying how lucky Liverpool are…yes there has been lucky moments but the harder you work the luckier you get…

Utd for years under fergie has the rub of the green many times…but good teams get luck for a reason.