Premier League 2018/2019


Paddy Christie a better option!


Or Linford


As a sage member said here years ago. Is there really a need for the ‘ie’ at the end of his name?


Collosal ■■■■ up from Pickford & Zouma .


A mid table game of little significant lol


Pickford is having a shocker. The new Joe Harte.


Both defences are shocking. Entertaining game though and well worth the watch


Right goal fest here , Everton are a brutal team to watch .



Everton no better off at this stage in the season than they were last year under fireman Sam. See what Silva s quality is now.


Really is Liverpool’s league to lose now.


Hopefully we dont let it slip



There’s a general consensus on a Dublin GAA website forum on that?


Im sure there’s not, couldnt care less!


hope this chungfella makes it for spurs and is our next Harry Kane


it’s the hope that kills you…


True that. Remember back in the late 00’s when we all believed that Pullar’s team would come good… We hoped/believed we turned a corner EVERY. FCUKING. YEAR!

It’s the hope that kills ya!

That said, this is the best Liverpool team I’ve seen since the Daglish era, it’s theirs to lose.


Long way to go yet. Crazy talk about Liverpool just because City have hit some poor form for the first time in a well over a year - never mind the fact that Spurs are motoring.

Delph and Walker killing City but I wouldn’t write them off yet - they are well capable of stringing together a long winning run.

It could be the hype that kills if the last few days are anything to go by.


Great Christmas for us LFC fans but a long long way to go…