Premier League 2018/2019


But can Oblak play as a defender for his club? :sunglasses:


“Every major ligament in his right knee was damaged, including the cruciate, medial and lateral collateral ligaments.”

You’d think he’d just run it off wouldn’t ya…


I blame the season ticket office


That’s going on my headstone




Looking at the head on you in that video I’d say I’ll still be around for yours :wink:


The crucial and mediate damage is bad. The rest is collateral.


Such sweet, delicious irony.


Ah stop I’m only slagging… sure I didn’t even really see all of your head, I only have a 55" telly…


Did you not see it projected on to the front of Trinity during Pride?


That was my arse, it’s an easy mistake to make in fairness.


True, similar hairstyles.



What video would this be? Is it full HD?


I don’t part my hair in the middle anymore…


McClean gone to Stoke


Strong stuff from Ozil on why he’s retiring from international football


Holy shit, that’s hard hitting. Didn’t know any of this was going on with Ozil. Fair play to him!


Makes Delaney look like a saint!!

Fair play indeed and hopefully it will make more profile players speak out in his defence.


Just as well Ozil isn’t a Jew.
Seriously though, as my grandad used to say, ya have to keep an eye on the Hun.