Premier League 2018/2019


Any Leeds fans here? Was not a huge fan of them in the past but I hope they get promoted because they are a big club and would be a breath of fresh air to the premier league…


Braking rules wah wah wah - suck it up lads. No rules being broke and no danger of anyone getting thrown out of anything - too much money going around for that shite. Yis are beginning to sound like a bitter like bo**ox from another continent. Ferguson fcuked everybody over for years - but ye don’t like it up ye!

Liverpool hanging in there but the seasonal blip around the corner. Though one advantage they have this year is likely to be no CL football in the New Year




UEFA seem to think differently. UEFA will still get the same amount of TV money with or without City so don’t know if they won’t try to make an example of them or PSG for a season to show that they are doing something


Don’t get me wrong, I love watching City play under Pep but rules are rules. Personally, since it’s a professional sport, I am somewhat against the FFP rules. If a club overspends and ends up going to the wall, that’s their fault. But so long as the rules are there, they should be enforced.


Not a hope. These guys know what side their bread is buttered on. Terrible to see hacking going on all the same. Poor old Hillary was hung out on the same kind of thing with no real substance. People just don’t like success … or the Saudis.

I hear United are being investigated for irregular spending on the basis of what they paid for Pogba.and Fred ,


Sure United won’t have to worry about FFP if they’re not in Europe anyway :grinning:


Liverpool have a tough few games coming up away to Bournemouth and also have United & Arsenal at home all before the New year so won’t be a major surprise if they drop points but same with City who will drop points also this weekend.

Liverpool will 100% qualify for next round of Champions League and I wouldn’t be surprised as group winners.


Betting companies in the UK have agreed to stop live betting ads on TV during half-time commercial breaks. Will this impact on TV companies’ bidding power when putting their offers in for broadcasting rights? I’d imagine betting companies pay a lot for such ads.


I wouldn’t bet on it.


Some confidence there. Ye must have some plans for the bus!


What’s all that “ye” nonsense, you going over to the redneck darkside?

Great win for The Wolves, Chelski can go and fook right off


Think City are head a shoulders above whats been in the recent premiership years.

Back in the noughtys - The Top 3/4 were miles ahead financially than the rest of the league - they use to put the B teams out in the premier league ahead of CL games.



Met Kevin Moran while waiting for a pint at the bar in Meagher’s after a Dublin match, right after he had retired from Soccer. Blackburn had played a match the previous day (I think their first of the season), and Shearer had missed a penalty. “I see Shearer missed a penno yesterday, Kevin,” I said. “Did he?” came the answer.

Zero fucks given.


Shearer is bang on there IMO


Liverpool lucky enough again today!!!


Great for the goal difference -
hope Chelsea are up for it tonight.


I just hope Citeh can hang on to second place