Premier League 2018/2019


He even started a fight with Justin during a round of golf. War of the Roses.


Past behavior probably dictates the reaction by the public…klopp is seen generally as a good guy while Jose has a long rap sheet from sticking his fingers in the eye of an assistant to basically ending a referees career…horrible person


City conceded another tonight. Gone a bit pear shaped for Pep. He clenched his first towards Arteta when they scored their second too - could face a charge.

Brighton have Duffy sent off and then bang in 3 v Woy H and my relegation hopefuls Huddersfield and Cardiff lose. Bliss.


You gotta love goal line technology.


Defo going to be a red in the game


Can’t believe there hasn’t been one yet.
Chelsea fed to the Wolves. :grinning:
That was just the best ever finish to a disallowed goal.


Liverpool have made their best start to a season in 126 years of top flight football…and still are 2nd, 2 points of city. Pool could finish season on 90 + points and not win it…it’s a bit like watching Mayo…very good but the team in blue are just better…sometimes I wish I didn’t like sport :see_no_evil:


Title in their own hands now - win all their remaining games and they win the league!


They’ve been riding their luck. The bubble will burst soon enough.




Now that would be some amount of riding


Either that or they haven’t clicked yet. Defence has only conceded 6 goals this season. They paid top price for Allision and VVD but they are worth every penny.


are Man City going to be booted out of European competition next year?


It would be they only way that clubs would obey the rules. Themselves and PSG blatantly breaking them, it seems.


How Rojo stayed on the pitch is beyond me.


Playing the best football the premier league has ever seen apparently, blowing teams away and still only 2 points ahead, must have you a little bit concerned


Galatasary were banned a year or two ago so wouldn’t be unprecedented


Does he not support Leeds?


Who said that? I think Arsenal 03/04 were much more pleasing on the eye, but I’d be very biased!


Chelsea and Man Utd in 2009-10. Chelsea, especially, scored goals for fun under Ancellotti and their record was only bettered by City last season.
Liverpool and City both played very attacking football in 2013-14.