Premier League 2018/2019


My initial post was much more about what a certain manager did and the reactions of the FA/PL. It seems like their reactions are mirrored here, be they to defend or admonish the manager in question. For me, it doesn’t matter who it is, be it Klopp, Mourinho, Pep, etc but much more about the governing bodies’ determination to sterilise the game and protect its corporate image.
Nothing Klopp did last Sunday, in my opinion, would incite scumbags (probably more than a few, in fairness) to throw bottles at the Man City team bus last season or the scum from Rome to assault an innocent fan to the point of irrevocably changing his life.


But you can’t say it’s alright to do it in a Mersey Derby but not alright to do it in a United v Liverpool game. You can’t pick and choose sanctionable events based on who is playing.

Similarly the Leicester player knew taking off his jersey is a yellow card offence. There is no list of occasions when it is acceptable. The ref had no option but to do his job. Now some committee may rescind it later but the ref had no option but to book the player.

Klopp’s offence is either sanctionable or it isn’t - and I think it is. He even said it wasn’t clever himself.


But sure in that case why do we let any away fans go to games? Even if Liverpool scored after 10 mins and the same fans you mentioned turned and starting laughing and giving the finger to the Everton fans, sure there’s just as likely to be trouble from that incident is there not…

I’ll end as I started, the Merseyside derby and Sunday’s in particular was far from ‘highly charged’.


I knew the referee had to give the Leicester City player a yellow card. He’s not allowed any leeway. I watched back in slow motion and as the Leicester player is taking off his jersey, you can see the look on the ref’s face. Clearly he didn’t want to book him but he had to.
FIFA… the organisation that instructed referees to issue yellow cards to players with the jerseys outside of the shorts, FFS.

For the record, @HawkEye - it wasn’t dangerous at the time, but one of the saddest things I saw would have been a handful of supporters invading the pitch late on in the 1989 FA Cup final to celebrate Liverpool scoring. The pitch-side barriers had been removed from Wembley for that game, given what had happened the previous month in Hillsborough.
Some people, sadly, will never learn.


Does Klopp run on the pitch in that scenario?


Nothing much happened from Klopp running on to the pitch cos the everton players were all down the other end defending before the goal went in - You say the arsenal and spurs celebrations were worse but what did they do , celebrated in front of the fans - they have to go somewhere.

Dier celebrated on the pitch where he should have been and an arsenal sub took offence and pushing and shoving happened and then all the bottles and what not started to get thrown in at them.

Same with the arsenal lad scoring and the fuckwit spurs supporter who threw an bannana skin at him (it wasnt racist cos he was a greek-cypriot and it was just the only thing availble to throw :roll_eyes:)

The players did nothing wrong.

As for klopp, if an everton player pushed him then there would have been an unmerciful schmozzle.
Slap on the wrist , dont do it again.


no - its a last minute winner in a derby - you’ve won.


Well, maybe I should have said the reactions of Arsenal and Spurs players to their opponents celebrating! :wink:


They’ve been enforcing segregation the last 4 years


They still sit together. From a policing point of view it makes sense of course. Makes the match day operations more straight forward.

If anything that just further proves my point, it’s only in the last 4 years they’ve enforced segregation (or tried to). There was never a need for the segregation. Probably unheard of in any other soccer derby in the world.


while i may have closed my eyes each time arsenal scored - i don’t think spurs players reacted except for the standard look up to the heavens


You’re sounding like Arsene Wenger.


You got a good rest so …


take that back


[quote=“HawkEye, post:471, topic:3606”]
If anything that just further proves my point, [/quote]

:thinking::thinking::thinking: I would have thought it proves mine.

The Supt said “The term ‘friendly derby’ has been applied to this fixture historically. Unfortunately, and it may not be palatable for some fans to acknowledge, that is less becoming the case.”

Sorry for bringing up unpalatable factualities …


You’re more ‘highly charged’ than a Merseyside Derby FFS :grinning:

If the Supt said it then it must be true … Don’t tell him blue and red still sit together will ye :wink:



Sure how could you have an ‘electric atmosphere’ if it wasn’t highly charged!!!

ps Would you like to be stuck sitting beside Parkinson???


Jammiest late late winning goal ever. Everton only selves to blame, missed a sitter and a point blank range almost can’t miss if you tried sitter


Klopp fined 8k. Drop in the ocean.

Saw a lot of ire directed by Arsenal fans towards Delle Ali who were in that section, was doing loads of sneaky shit especially at Ramsey. I wasn’t there obviously, so can’t say for certain, but I’d imagine the lack of respect they have for Ali might be clouding their judgement!!!


Dele is to most opposition fans, what jack wilshire was to spurs fans , only more talented and less of a ■■■■.

Angry danny rose was in the middle of it - if theres a scrap to be had , he tends to get in there