Premier League 2018/2019


The FA are charging Klopp over his celebration. They (along with FIFA and UEFA) really do want to take every bit of life and passion out of the game.


Always gonna happen. Slap on the wrist.


Ah stop - if Mourinho did it there’d [rightly] be fcuking murder.


cant disagree with that


Klopp didn’t go running to the opposition bench to celebrate and goad (think Chelsea coach v Man Utd earlier this season). Big difference in my opinion.


You run onto the middle of the pitch and hug your keeper after getting a last second winner in a highly charged derby atmosphere … not acceptable either


If Guardiola did it, people would be lauding his passion.
The Everton manager said he had no issue with it.
Klopp is a breath of fresh air in an ever-increasingly grey spectacle.


Klopp comes across as this lovable goofy chap/fool depending on who you support.

I get the passion and emotion of sport - and while no harm done - i would expect that out of Davy fitz.


I am not a Liverpool supporter - far from it.
Personally myself, I thought the goal celebrations of Arsenal and Tottenham players from last Sunday to be more inflammatory.


These are the same type of administrators who choose not to give referees any kind of discretionary leeway…

Leicester’s first game after the loss of their owner/chairman in a tragic accident…

The goal scorer in this emotional game was booked for taking off his jersey to reveal a tribute to their departed owner after scoring.


One man’s inflammatory is another man’s goofy German. You cannot make different rules for different people. He should have at least worn a bib with Maor Uisce on it. If Guradiola did it I would expect a charge too. But he wouldn’t do it. He’s way too cool.


I get what you mean, really do, but the whole jersey removal and over celebration thing is a silly rule in my opinion.

Actually enjoyed the handbags between Spurs and Arsenal, first time in decades since I saw an Arsenal have a little bit of backbone. But yes, I do agree it’s not acceptable as it could incite crowd trouble. That fat head Dier started it anyway! I can call him that. I have a way fatter head!


Possibly the least highly charged derby in football. Members of the same family attend games together some wearing blue, some wearing red.

He’ll get a slap on the wrist and as Jurgen would say that’s “Cool”.


That’s not the point and Scouse fans are well capable of kicking off. It’s not all lovey dovey.


what do you think he should have gotten?


Banned from every stadium for a year. Sit in back row of the stand in Annefield with no contact to the bench. Take his Opel cars off him.


You’ll have to take me down memory lane to the flashpoints that have been seen on Merseyside at recent Derby days (or further back)?! … Not a single one I can think of.

He shouldn’t have run on the pitch but he let his emotions get the better of him, was never going to incite crowd trouble at that game. However if it was Old Trafford I can see how it might, he’ll be slapped on the wrist and that’s fine.


If the fans are capable of smashing up a bus from 30 miles down the road you’d be a bit naive to think they are all saints.

No problem with the slapped wrist (not LFC’s call but fine should be given to charity - Sean Cox?) - just don’t agree with those that say it is heavy handed. It isn’t.


Again, show me the evidence of any trouble at Merseyside Derbies? … I never said anything about being saints. I just corrected you when you said it was a ‘highly charged derby’. I’ve been to loads of them and never seen an much as a whisper of trouble. I’ve been to two games at Anfield v United and it’s a horrible uncomfortable atmosphere filled with hatred.

A handful of Liverpool fans threw bottles at the City bus, hardly a good representation of the actual fanbase. Just like the coke snorting, weed smoking youngfellas on Hill 16 aren’t representative of Dublin fans.


So emotions weren’t running high (see Jurgen)?

But there is absolutely no chance of an Everton fan or three of four roaring abuse at him and some Liverpool fans reacting and a bit of a mill kicking off? No that never ever happened before and would certainly never happen with the doyen of English fans. Loveable cuddly Scousers , but such thin skin. :roll_eyes: