Premier League 2018/2019


I read a small bit on him he seems to be the next big hope for Ireland.


There are a few promising strikers out there , he is one . Connolly at Brighton ,Cassidy at Watford are 2 others .


Jaysus is he still going?


You are being sarcastic I gather , not David ,Aaron Connolly.


As in Elvis Aaron Presley?


Young lad from Sheriff. Has it all. Could be a star, long way to go yet. I predict he’ll be capped at senior within 3 years max


Here’s hoping !


Has he ever played at GAA minor bird level?


That’ll be Armstrong tapped up by Liverpool next .


Obafemi doing well for Southampton. Had the assist for Armstrong’s goal too.


Another couple of goals for Troy


Mark Hughes sacked.


Hopefully that’s him done in the Premiership, terrible manager who’s been stealing a living for the past few years


I suppose Big Fat Sam is getting his CV ready.


Definitely, along with Moyes and Pardew


Where did that guy Martin O’Neill ever go?


Southampton wisely waited until 'Arry was the other side of the world before sacking Sparky.


Serious quality player. A striker with pace and able to finish. Was class for us during the Euro U17s in the summer. Eligible again in 2019 when the finals are being played here.

As he is only 16 it’s a long way to the first team with Spurs. From the time I was in schoolboy football there were the likes of Stephen Bradley and Graham Barrett who looked certain to be stars of the Premier League and then they didn’t ever manage to play more than a handful of first team games between them.

It’s so difficult to make it to the top but this lad has a serious chance.


Did nt arry have an unhappy spell with Southampton already. With Clive Woodward as sporting director.