Premier League 2018/2019


I still enjoy them getting bet but was nt it more fun when the Neville’s, keano, giggs etc were playing and lost. The look on their faces or Ferguson s excuses after were usually priceless.


Sure they used to have their own thread here in the past , they’ve disappeared now !


Ashley Young as United captain sums it all up …


Utd are the only English/British club with their own thread here. What does that tell you?


Ah walkinstown not that bad I had good nights in the cherry tree many years ago. If you use your imagination a bit you could think your in Donaghmeade !


Man U extending Young and Valencia contracts :disappointed:
Matic and Sanchez are in decline.


Foly Huck!!!

Give the money to Sean Cox for God’s sake!


ah here


Fulham sack Jokanovic.
Ranieri installed as new manager. I love Ranieir!



Good to see but feel they could have done it earlier and given more.


I think thats an initial sum and they are going to provide ongoing support going forward. I presume they wanted to meet the family and discuss it first which is fair enough really


Shearer says Christie had a good game today …


Some startling figures here…


Just shows at united , why bother your bollix when your gonna get paid a shed load of cash


… and Chelsea.
And look at what a player at Burnley can earn in comparison to Monaco or RB Leipzig.


Players are more motivated by money than winning trophies now.


nothing new there - the old saying that player X needs to move to play Champions league football - i’m sure he could have took a wage drop and signed for Celtic or Dundalk etc.

still a fascination on transfer fees in the English game - a team spend 100 million on 3 of 4 players (the transfer fee paid in installments normally over the length of the contract) and they are accused of buying the title by rival fans who’s team spends 100 million more in wages every year.


@Bosco your a spurs fan ?

You know anything about this lad ?


Havent heard too much about him.
Hes 16 and playing u18 and u23 for spurs.

Hopefully keeps improving and we’ll see him in the future for ireland