Premier League 2018/2019


It’s not MOTD’s decision to observe it though.
They’re just relaying what happened.


It’s nowt to do with football?!


It’s happening in the stadia before the games.

It’s being observed by the players (with a couple of notable exceptions) and the fans.

Where do you draw the line?


Just show the football … it’s a football highlights show. Show the other stuff on the many glorifying the poppy shows.


“The running order for each programme is determined by the day’s big stories, talking points and most entertaining games.”

Whether we like it or not, it’s one of the day’s big stories.



I see on Twitter now the standard responce to anybody praising this great Man City team is the FFP stuff . Something very familiar about it…


He’s right though.
It’s like playing Monopoly with extra money hidden in your sock.


It’s called tough sh1t. United (and SAF) fcuked over teams for years. Karma. FFP rules are nonsense.


Of course he is , but it’s just a trend I’ve noticed the last week or so since the story broke . There was a different narrative before this.Its just very convenient now for teams to trott out the FFP stuff as it absolves them from been resoundly beaten by a better team on the park


They showed Leicester City and Burnley fans marching to the King Power Stadium on Saturday before their match, honouring their deceased owner. It could be argued that that had nothing to do with football?
Apparently, a lot of professional footballers lost their lives when going to fight in WWI. So I can see some connection there.


Another big palaver on MotD2 last night - far too jingoistic for me, feeds the right wing. But sure each to their own.

Big song and dance before the final rugby league test yesterday too. Lest we forget … seems the English team forgot how to play.


Sticking the boot into Fergie , thought he was untouchable


That’s fans for ya , short memories. You hear some so called Dublin supporters give out about the team and here we are in our glorious era. The bloke who said fergie looks out for himself first is right though .


In fairness we haven’t been setting the world alight in the O’Byrne Cup AND we lost the League final last year.


Did we win or lose the v the blue stars ? That be humiliating if we lost that as well .


Yaw beaten by a team cobbled together by Independent Newspapers.

But back to the serious issue about Man United’s demise which really goes to prove one thing. There is a God.


Once Ferguson went the fun went out of watching utd lose. Couldn’t stand him ( though in one of his biographies he remembers enjoying a holiday when he stayed in walkinstown in the 50s- can t imagine pep writing that) . Now they re just crap and Mourinho is a parody.


A grain of truth in all that.

Ps he also must be the first ever person to enjoy being in Walkinstown


I’ll never get tired of watching man utd loose…having to put up with all my united gloating friends growing up was a pain…they aren’t as loud as they used to be.