Premier League 2018/2019


Sports fans can be such idiots…sheep. I’d guess none of those roaring abuse and trying to get at him ever fought in the military…probably wouldn’t have the balls to do it.


City 2-0 up after 12 mins. Hughes must be on the brink.


3 now - one every six minutes! Could be 15-0.


I hate to say it, but Chelsea play nice stuff under Sarri.


… and so do Palace. :sunglasses:
Terrible ball-watching from Luiz.


Very hard to see Liverpool keeping pace with city until next May…The front three aren’t firing yet which may be a good sign but they would want to start soon.


After 11 games last season, Liverpool had won five, drawn four and lost two. Their goal difference was +4. They have improved in that regard. They are getting better defensively. The front three will never replicate last season but if they can collectively hit some form, they won’t be too far off at the end of the season.


The differing goal difference amongst the front-runners tells you everything you need to know. City are blowing everyone away. While Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs are better than the teams outside the top four, City are much, much better. There’s therefore less chance of them dropping points in a tight match against, say, Leicester or West Ham than there is any of the other top four.


The same article goes on to point out that Stoke City and The FA are investigating a tweet by James McClean for calling a spade a spade.


This is veeeeeery good


Huddersfield v Fulham on Sky tonight. Couldn’t get in the door of the local.

They don’t open on Monday night.


Didn’t realise Fulham had a top Pro rugby team


Why have you posted about a championship player in the premier league thread?


They’d a good run in the Junior 7 football Champo last year.


Why the ■■■■ does MOTD have to show us a minute’s poppy silence? No wonder Tommy Robinson is so popular. Pity they didn’t show the thugs abusing McLean.


Cause the daily heil, sun, telegraph ,express would have a conniption if they didnt ."BBC dishonours our fallen heroes "


To be fair, if it’s being observed at every ground, it would be odd if they didn’t show it.


It’s nothing to do with football.


Neither has Amhrann Na bhFiann…


National Anthem and a minute’s silence? :thinking: