Premier League 2018/2019


Leicester confirm the chairman was killed last night.


The absolute state of the Wembley pitch


True. City scored from inside the end zone!!



See footage of the Leicester helicopter doing the rounds. Went into some tailspin. Some suggestions it may have hit a drone.


And a police one at that, even though they are denying it.



See the footage alright.

Would have thought the rear blade would make shit of a drone and keep spinning


Is there not smoke from the rear blade before it takes off though?


Would a drone get near enough to it though with the downdraft


It would if it was above it.


Sorry lads, but what happened is a rear rotor failure, most likely the gearbox. It’s the most common cause of heli crash landings. He was in the dead zone above 1000 feet. God rest them all


Would that have been noticed before take off? When the plumes of smoke came out by the rotor?


That’s normal from the engine on start up. No issue with that, especially in the cold.


Razor Ruddock. What a f@cking dickhead.


His appearance on Can’t Pay We’ll Take It Away showed him up as the toerag he is.


His appearances on the football pitches showed him up as the crap footballer he was. As the old cliché would say, not fit to lace Hansen’s or Lawro’s boots.


Always looked every inch of it too


Warnock abusing officials after game today. Classless tool.


Can’t help but admire this young man.


Wow , that’s some strong stuff . It will probably make the situation worse for him but have to applaud him for sticking to his beliefs .

This is a good guy to follow on twitter