Premier League 2018/2019


It’s all Sergio Ramos’s fault.


Cyrus Christie destroyed by Shearer on MotD2


Arsenal s 3rd a great goal but they never do that against a half decent team. Premier league outside of top 3 or 4 is very average.


May he Rest in Peace.


Heard abit about this on OTB
Interesting insight into what happened to Carrick after the '09 Champions League Final , how it affected him on & off the pitch


I thought Pat Nevin’s insight was interesting -
He felt that Carrick had self diagnosed as he hadn’t sought help.
(I think Nevin has trained in psychology)


Yeah , i agree . Nevin came across very well in the piece . I reckon Carrick probably didn’t know what was really wrong with him in the beginning as life probably had been full of highs up to that point in his career . Probably too hard on himself too .


Losing is hard.


He seemed to shoulder alot of the blame himself for the losing of that final . Highs & lows as he said himself , best team in Europe the previous year ( his words , whether that’s correct is up for debate ) to losing the final the next year .


Certainly for the current Dublin panel it is.


I said hard, not impossible! :grin:


Try being a Liverpool supporting Mayo man :see_no_evil:


I’d rather be convicted of murder.


Didn’t get to see Chelsea v Man It’s. Glad neither team won.
However, read this on BBC text coverage online…

Juan Mata is now soaking up acclaim from all sides of the ground, the last to leave the pitch. There can’t be a single reason to dislike Juan Mata can there? Seems a lovely bloke.

Couldn’t agree more.


Leicester City Chairman’s helicopter has crashed outside the King Power Stadium just after take off. Looks very bad



Looks grim alright. Usually up to 20 people on it after a game supposedly


Rumours that the Leicester manager was on board. Based on something a BBC Newsreader said. Hope she was mixed up


Little information being released but speculation is that the owner was on board and no survivors are reported.


Puel not on board the helicopter. Spoke to French media this morning about the crash