Premier League 2018/2019


It looks well , pitch is going down today so hopefully that’s a good sign that they will be in sooner rather than later. Its been well thought out and i have been following the build on another forum - the aggressive time line resulted in all sorts of scrotes working in the stadium.

Only fear is that there is a big push on the corporate seats , and they are like the ones in wembley , on the half way line , it always looks poor when the second half kicks off and everyone is still inside.

The south stand should be class.


Leicester City Chairman’s helicopter has crashed outside the King Power Stadium just after take off. Looks very bad


Great win for Brighton last night. Chris Hughton is a gentleman and a bloody good manager yet got treated shittily by Spurs and Newcastle. Yet you constantly have serial failures getting far more high profile jobs … crazy.


But enough about Olly Murs…


Good to see Jahanbakhsh finally start.


Not often you see a Premier League player from…


Which manager signed Kenedy for Chelsea (his current parent club)?


Newcastle hanging on for a draw, now.
Ironic that a good (and one of their more likable) Chelsea players who Mourinho sold while at Chelsea, might help save his bacon at Man Utd.




Will Jose be retained?


This is going to sound rather curt, but I couldn’t give a flying f*•k about that man. I think he’s an abhorrent individual. I hope his agony is as prolonged as possible either in or out of the United job!


So, you don’t like him?


What gave you that idea?

I have him up there with Maggie, Paisley and even Alan O’Connor!


I never thought I could unlike a united manager more than Fergie but this lad really takes the biscuit. The only good thing about united winning is Jose is safe for now but it will all end in tears eventually.


Team Goal-of-the-Season just there from Arsenal.


‘We will do whatever we have to do to get him back’ - Wife of assaulted Liverpool fan Sean Cox tells of long road ahead


Shocking pen from Mahrez to deny City a deserved win. Liverpool looked very ordinary throughout. Mo looking very human this season.


That bait needs to be a bit better!

He is looking a bit tired compared to his all action displayed of previous. They just had a CL game on Wednesday night too. The extra 24 hours that City had could make the extra percent or 2 difference in a tight game like that too.

Didn’t get to see the Arsenal game earlier, Burt heard they were very impressive. It’s been a long time since I looked forward to a MOTD like this!


Watched back the Liverpool v Man City game just now.
I personally feel a draw was a fair result. I doubt many people expected it to be scoreless.
The quality was not quite as we may have expected but it was an entertaining game. As I’ve said previously, Pep and Klopp really set their teams out to play entertaining football.


I used to watch a lot of Mo back when he played for Roma. He tended to look great at times and at other times was very frustrating. Last season he looked like he was living up to his potential at last, but he’s looking more like the Roma player this season.