Premier League 2018/2019


It is but United had more than fringe players out.


Fellaini doesn’t have a fringe.


Didn’t see game so can’t comment on performance but the team they put out should be well capable of beating an average Derby team. Something is not right and I think it’s time for Mourinho to go and get someone in like Zidane who will get the team playing exciting, attacking football unlike the crap we have endure at the moment.


What’s all this talk about Newcastle? In anyway County deserved the victory and the box of Caribou bars.


He’d never agree to be Mourinho’s assistant.


Man U in trouble here .


Dreadful defending there , Hammers up 3.1


P45 and Taxi, Mr Mourinho?


Nobody wants that more than Mourinho himself.


Absolute beauty from Ageuro , lovely build up.


Some goal from Sturridge


Wolves still going strong and Arsenal building steadily. I fancied them to come good in the second year post-Wenger and they are already showing some signs.
Manchester United are at a difficult crossroads now, their next move could determine if they will be real contenders at all in the next 5 years. This is starting to look more and more like Liverpool after 1990, in terms of trying to win the league.


Fingers crossed


8 games and 3 Irish players playing. Grim times , we are like norn iron now , we ll be selecting players from league 1 for the first 11 pretty soon.


Mate of mine can’t get his young lad into the local soccer club. Join the waiting list.

Gaa and rugby for that kid


Soccer is very good that way. They don’t waste time with kids who can’t kick snow off a rope so they can just work with the good lads. In GAA you have to give everyone a game, even the two left feet lads. Let’s face it we’d all prefer the soccer approach.


Is it ?
In this case it’s for a nursey- so kid could be great or shit. They’ll never know


Yeah… And it’s not like @DUB09 does sarcasm from time to time.


Norn iron been better than us for 3 years now. Shows how poor a job Martin O’Neill is doing.


Flew into London yesterday afternoon - had a great view over the new stadium. It looks great from above, I have to say.