Premier League 2018/2019


Not take into consideration Grealish may be happy at Villa? Good side if they get rid of Bruce pronto.


Pretty sure Spurs were in for him during the summer but Levy was too tight to spend any money, he would have been good back up for Eriksen. Can’t see him hanging around at Villa if they don’t get promoted. The contract is a win for him, doubles his money, and a win for Villa, ensures they get well compensated if he leaves next summer


spurs were in for him - Villa were struggling for cash - fee was mentioned , it was going to be met , then they got the cash side of tings sorted and then Grealish wasn’t for sale unless it was for silly money , which hes not worth - especially if he was going to be a squad player behind eriksen.


Came across this when keeping an eye of the spurs stadium thread.
Often wondered why pat the baker would have an advertising hording when Ireland were away to Russia.


any idea what the fee went up to? I heard it was around €25M but could be way off. If it was, and I know this is ridiculous, it’s around the going rate for a good backup/squad player these days. With the amount of games Spurs will play this season he would have got a fair few games


had heard 25 million and that was offered , but then villa wanted 30 million then 40 million then he wasn’t for sale.

Would have took a chance on him for a decent price (less than 25 million) but it didn’t happen.

Not following too much soccer ball these days , so not sure how he is getting on and how villa are doing.
he wanted to go by all accounts , kept the toys in the pram and signed a new contract , i’m sure if they don’t go up he’ll be moving on next year.


Spurs will do that to a man.


ha ha - following spurs , but not taking much note of the rest of the PL and Lower leagues


Injury time equaliser for Manure in the Carabao cup against Derby in Old Trafford. I can’t wait to listen to Maureen-i-oh’s interview! Popcorn salted and ready!


Fnaaaarrr! Great penalty shoot out!


Old Trafford faithful ain’t gonna be happy to be knocked out of their best chance of silverware this season.


Mourinho may not see the weekend. It’s Pogba or him I think …


Yea he is under serious pressure. Cant see them finishing in the top 4 the way things are going


I can. If you turn the table upside down … :smirk:


Would United fans really care that much about the Carabao cup?


Getting beaten at home by Derby after a very disjointed start to the season? Eh … yeah.


So you’re a United fan?


Can’t stand them. But I like Liverpool …


If I was a united fan I’d be happy to be out of that cup especially with their squad, no way they’d be able to compete in 4 competitions.

Just watched the highlights, cracker by Harry Wilson, he’s going to be a great player. Great penos too until Jones stepped up


penos were good.

dunno , think its worthwhile playing the fringe players in the league cup