Premier League 2018/2019


Smalling with a nicely taken goal.


Liverpool winning games without playing spectacularly. Very wasteful in the final third yesterday with Mane and Salah greedy which was surprising…Klopp was fuming. Still a good win away to spurs. Looking good but I wish ex pool player like Sounnes would stop putting pressure on the team by comparing them to Barca and Messi…bloody clown


Souness is one of the best pundits currently working in the media imho


He is but he is needlessly talking up Liverpool in my opinion.


Hardly warrants calling him a clown.


Silly stuff indeed. Don’t follow any side in premier league but Liverpool looki g very very strong.

Usually a slowstart is their downfall. A massive statement beating Spurs away (albeit in Wembley)


Jose really turning things around for Man U. Another vital point picked up at home to Wolves.


Really good start to the season for The Wolves, getting results against some of the major teams.


And United.


Jose at utd is like when axel rose did vocals for ac/dc . Does nt seem right.


Not a good fit but got them back into the CL & won the Europa League .Personally hope he stays there for the forseable future .


Huddersfield and Cardiff going down … but who will join them?!


Southampton. Mark Hughes stealing a living as a manager


Agree - if he is left there … but he won’t see Xmas I reckon.


I think wor 'Uddersfield will stay oop


I think Cardiff, Fulham and WHU will get relegated. If Arnautovic stays fit and has a good season it may save the Hammers.


Huddersfield stayed up last year thanks to their good start. Awful start this year - signs are ominous …


Cardiff, Huddersfield and West Ham for the drop.


Cardiff gone already, think Huddersfield and one of Newcastle or Southampton will join them. Newcastle are crying out for a goal scorer and they let Mitrovic go who has scored more on his own than Newcastle have so far


Guess none of the PL teams came in for Grealish , wonder what his chances are of making the English team are now .