Premier League 2018/2019


Lovely counter attacking goal from Mane .


Nice touch from Man City. They’re going to honour former player, Colin Bell, by naming a stand after him.
It will be known as The Bell End.


Wolves 1 up on City , last touch of the hand from Boly . Shocking .


Laporte with a bullet header for the equaliser.


Very Ohm-esque reporting!


Ref had a bit of a shocker today with the handball & David Silva penalty shout . Think Sterling is gash but Patricio pulled off a wonder save from him.


Is there still time to bring back Arsene …


Monreal levels it up !


Isn’t it great to see fans overreact after 3 games :smile:


The eternal struggle of been a gooner :joy:


Liverpool looking good. I can see them getting another 2 or 3 in the 2nd half.


Great result for Wanderers against City, I didn’t think they had that in them after watching them in their first game against 'Ton.


Spurs running riot at OT .
The pressure mounts for Jose :laughing:


Epic meltdown


Cheerio cheerio cheerio


What a howler from the Liverpool keeper. Just hoof the feckin’ thing clear.


He nearly got caught twice last week doing it so hopefully he learns from it now.

Love the way the camera always goes to the sub keeper anytime the keeper makes a mistake. I’ve a better chance coming on than Mignolet.


He shouldn’t have been trying to play the ball where he was but if you watch back the replay it should have been a free out. Iheanacho clearly pushes Alisson with both hands on his back. Anywhere else on the pitch and that’s a free kick.

Thankfully it didn’t result in any dropped points.


Not sure how Van Dijk is avoiding taking a bit of the blame for this too, he gave a terrible back pass nearly putting Allison out to the corner flag


Bad back pass but not to the point that it caused the goal. The blame lies squarely on Alisson’s shoulders and nobody else - not even the referee.