Premier League 2017/18


Don’t tell those Kinahan lads about Monk.


That’s sorted. They are going after Mayweather now.


I’m thankful for what MON & Keano have done in the past but it’s time for them to go . We need someone with a new approach & like you said , maybe cull have the team & start from scratch .


Gazza is looking better these days


Can’t beat the Cork Scousers …


He was on Soccer AM yesterday, performing his little tune!


Looks like MON & Keane are on their way to Stoke. Pure incompetence by J.D & the FAI.

Which mediocre manager will they get now. COYBIB


Personally would be glad to see a change. I would rather we weren’t qualifying than watching the crap that MONARK and Trap have out us through in the past few years. I would like a young manger with a more modern approach to football now.


I’d love to see Stephen Kenny given a chance.


The pros would have no respect for him …




Michael laudrup be my choice. We would at least try to play decent football


I doubt he’d touch it with a barge pole.


Champions elect onto a bit of a hiding here .


He s coaching in the Qatari league hardly exciting I d say. Might welcome a chance to remind people he still a good manager. If you don t ask …


O’Neill has turned down the Stoke job apparently…


Damn. Ireland needs a change. However any notions that this will bring success would be very naive.


Meh the replacement options weren’t exactly inspiring tbh. Not much better than O’Neill IMO


This is disastrous news .Maybe they’ll do us a favour & resign .


Klopp and Guardiola really do set their teams out to play entertaining football. Matt Busby must be turning in his grave, looking at what the current manager of Man Utd sets out to achieve.