Premier League 2017/18


Mark Hughes sacked. Inevitable, really.


His gesturing at Arnautovic when substituted recently was classless - hard to like the bloke. Premier managers heading for zero hours contracts the way things are going …

Someone could even take a punt on Guru Jim … :flushed:


Leave Jim Gavin where he is.




£8.5 million I think.

He’ll be badly missed, hope they spend the money wisely, a new keeper is a must.


All the talk is mahrez but I agree. A competent keeper and they’re top 2 imo. (Vomits a little)


Why did Barca not wait until the summer? He can’t play in the Champions’ League and only a monumental fuch up will see them not win La Liga.


Neymar deal made them look weak. This is a statement signing. Goes without saying they overpaid. Salah is the main man in anfield now


They look weaker still, now, in my view. I think they could have had him for 20-25% less in the summer. Then again, if Brazil were to have a good World Cup with Coutinho chipping in with a few goals, it may yet turn out to be a bargain.
A great return for Liverpool, nonetheless.


They should go after Sanchez now and put him out of his misery


Informed word seems to be he’s a pre World Cup present from Nike.


A Benitez signing I think?


He recommended him to Liverpool after working with him at Inter iirc…


Knew there was a connection.


That makes a lorra lorra sense.




Seems there might be some developments in the O’Neill to Stoke rumours


Stoke can have him. Let’s get a manager in who will encourage something resembling entertaining football and if it means sacrificing a few years qualification so be it. Get Michael laudrup in is my choice.


Not sure Martin’s style would suit the Stoke fans who have enjoyed the champagne football of Hughes and Pullis* for the last decade.

  • Hughes and Pullis … :joy: Sounds like something Nick Park would come up with!


Be great to seem him go to Stoke. He has taken Ireland as far as he could. He will give Stoke a shot in the arm and keep them up and that will be that. Stoke fans will be stuck with another Pulis.

Be interesting to see who the FAI go for. Not many stand out names. They will probably go for Pulis or Hughes. Same names appear anytime the job comes about. Like Paul Jewell and David O Leary. Unless Denis is bank rolling the next manager I cannot see it being a high profile man. A bit left field here but a name not mentioned on any betting list( some will say for a good reason) is Gary Monk. I think he got a raw deal at Boro. He likes his teams to play decent football and a new manager with different tactics to MON that involve playing football with what should be a changed squad could be a huge benefit. There should be a bit of a clear out of the current squad and some fringe lads who can play a bit (albeit in the lower leagues) be given a chance