Premier League 2017/18


I’ve really noticed it on Match of the Day and other soccer coverage now that commentators don’t just commentate any more - they also stir as much sh1t as they can - especially that over excitable lad Jonathan Pearce - whose level is really robot wars. Not content with ex-player pundits often sticking the knife in, these lads who have never even played in the United Churches League are at it too. They are keen to highlight every discretion and god help us it a manager is under pressure cos these boys will lay it on as thick as possible - including in post match interviews. Yet another element of our beloved media who have self-appointed themselves as judge, jury and executioner. Just commentate lads … it was better that way …the clue is in the job title.


Been non controversial doesn’t seem to keep you relevant & in a job these days .Its all about been noticed now .


Newcastle United’s potential new owner is a bit easier on the eye than its current owner.


You have got to admire David Unsworth’s resilience, he’s taking all of Everton’s troubles on the chins.


Big Sam to Everton and he’s bringing Sammy Lee with him as part of his backroom team. Going down well as one would expect with the Everton fans :rofl:


Our cabal here would be proud of the English manager cabal
Big Sam


You could add a good few more clubs to Everton that have had two of the above…off the top of my head Sunderland and Newcastle…could be more

Aslo, would Harry Redknapp be a worth addition to the above


I suppose you could but those 5 managers & those 4 clubs have alot more in common .Redknapp jumped between Portsmouth & Southampton.


Pogba sending off last night. Can see argument for it not being given but it was stupid at best. Defo a red
Bellerin acting like an extra from saving my private Ryan didn’t help. But hey it’s arsenal. Standard operating procedure there.


Standard Procedure for ALL the cheating B@stards in the wendyball league


Not a nice place to get stood on - could have been a serious injury. Shearer’s defence of Sanchez was laughable though. For a guy who was a top player he sure talks some sh1t.


Man City record breakers. Great to see Utd park the bus at home. Good man Jose. G’wan the Noisy Neighbours. Swansea midweek and Spurs next weekend - two wins and it’s over before Xmas.


Van Gaal couldn’t help himself, I reckon!


Lovely gesture from Seamus here



Noisy neighbours should go back to their council house


Waiting for City to hit a speed bump but it doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen anytime soon .They’ve a favourable fixture list over the next month .Will be interesting to see how they fare against Spurs . Leicester might cause some issues ( unlikely ) but are playing well at the moment .


The only similarity between Mourinho and Ferguson is their boorish ignorance and lack of class - especially when losing. For those who say you need that edge to be successful look at Guardiola - a gentleman. United are currently very hard to look at and even harder to listen too.


United who? Who United? Mourinho never produced a footballing tem


Liverpool last night could have done with one of their players they have loaned out…

He has previous…