Premier League 2017/18



Some managers in the Premier League have shorter shelf lives than some of the puns in here.




Killed the atmosphere at games .Their owners are a pair of wankers too.


No worse than their fans.


They’ve only got a pair of fans left? No wonder Bilic is unlacing his boots



Have never ever seen that goal and will be keeping it that way.

Have the T-shirt I bought outside OT when United won title 20 and it had as one of its slogans;


to put the noisy neighbours back in their place


Always thought that quote was highly disrespectful . Fergie had real issues with Liverpool & City down through the years , very unbecoming considering the success he had .
It must have been hard to see the goal seeing as it was used all over the place in ads , etc .


God bless your memory …


At least I’m not a Liverpool fan or worse from Mayo…


If I knew it was coming, I always pressed mute and closed my eyes :laughing:


You sound like Arsene Wenger.


At least I wouldn’t lie about it after the event :slight_smile:


But you didn’t see it.


Brilliant, I thought I was the only one who did that. I have it down to a fine art only saw the full clip on the day in question.
Its almost a sixth sense with me now.
The same sense also works when Foley’s goal & to a lesser extent Beggy’s point are going to be show.


Man up … the noisy neighbours are here to stay since they got rid of the anti social element next door …


Good win for Arsenal today against Spurs , the topsy turvy season for Arsenal continues !


Tony Pulis sacked.
I wouldn’t be his greatest fan but he has given James McClean plenty of support.


Wonder will his replacement feel the same…