Premier League 2017/18


Wolves are now the only one of the big 6 Midlands clubs in the Prem Lg, and they got promoted. If you’d asked me to put money on which it would be in that scenario, I would’ve said Villa or Brum or WBA. Derby and Forest have thrown alot of shapes the last few years too.

At least Tommy and the Shelby boys might be 'appy, rooiight. They seem to be well in with the Black Country crowd…


Subscriptions me bollix.


So I think what you’re saying is you’re not a massive fan of subscriptions?! :grinning:


I don’t know , Danny likes to open up to the press and no one else it seems.
He gets injured - surgery is a last option these days, eventually the non surgical treatment doesn’t work so he has surgery.
Ok he gets down and frustrated but keeps the depression diagnoses to himself and his agent. At the same time he is out injured Lamella is out (for longer) with a hip injury and also struggling mentally - he is given the change of scenery to recover in Rome with his former club - Yet Danny needs to go to England games to get his salvation.

nice few digs at spurs for the second summer on the bounce - shame we didn’t sell him when his stock was high after him mouthing last summer - hes average enough talent but his work and effort brought him on leaps and bounds the two season previous.



Was drinking outside the cat and cage when bohs played Aberdeen in the Uefa cup in 2000 I think it was. Aberdeen fan in all seriousness says to me that Dublin was a great city ( I agreed) and it was better than Paris( I ll have what he s drinking). I thought what type of a kip is Aberdeen then.


Ciaran Clark got knocked out in a magaluf bar last night. Hope he s ok but you have to ask with all that money why he is he on holidays in a kip like magaluf.


Been there to watch Celtic a few times.

It’s always freezing, even in Summer.