Premier League 2017/18


He had limited success before going to England. Did a good job with Estoril in fairness but what else , a Greek title with Olympiakos ( hardly a great achievement seeing how much they ve won it in recent years). Over praised and over promoted too quickly. He won t last a year at Everton. Dyche or Howe should have been targeted, managers who have proven themselves after more than 5 matches.


I agree with all that and he definitely should have stayed at Watford and built a team there but his head was turned too soon by Everton. To say he should never have got any job in England is wrong though


It’s more a job at a big club or in a big league I think he is fortunate to get not just in England. If Sevilla or Dortmund had hired him I d say the same thing. And he s just kinda typical of the managers getting top division jobs - very thin cv but the type of trendy bloke with the right spiel armed with all the stats. He kind of epitomises them.


As a Liverpool fan, I have to say that Everton aren’t a big club anymore :rofl: They made such a balls of trying to get him the first time that they had to get him in. I agree with you that he has a lot to prove but he’s going there at the perfect time, they just spent most of last year watching Allardyce’s horrible brand of football and being told by him that they were watching great football.

I think Howe will get his chance, he’s done wonders at Bournemouth and you’re probably right, if he was a foreign manager with the trendy suit the press would be pushing for him to be managing in the top 6. I’m still undecided on Dyche, he has worked miracles with Burnley but I’m not sure if his style of play suits any team above Burnley in the league. He’ll be watched closely this year


I’d like to see Silva revive the fortunes of Everton, the city’s true Irish club …






Celtic fans won’t be happy.


Don’t you mean Hibs fans…apparently? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Dub09 is right lots of Irish who emigrated or lived in Liverpool gravitated towards Everton . Liverpool s Irish following is a relatively recent phenomenon- since the pool were successful in the 70s.


In all fairness, who pays attention to that shite these days?


Same with the Catholic / Protestant shite … does my head in. No place in sport for it at all.

No place in life for it even, but that’s another argument altogether!


Agreed. Let’s all follow Rangers.


I hope they do well for Gerrard’s sake.


Me too. Good to see the links continuing. :+1:


Me too. The links are strong, those clubs are tighter than a 19-strong family of blue-clad Irish immigrants crammed into a one-bed hovel in Liverpool, circa 1847.


Sign a competent keeper & things look rosey.


I know they’re not a PL team but it looks like Aston Villa are facing financial difficulties after missing out on promotion.



Amazon have apparently bought one of the remaining packages for PL rights. To be announced at lunch time today (according to a journo on Twitter).

Yet another subscription if you want to watch all games.