Premier League 2017/18



His deterioration has been fairly rapid.


And joining the team at the bottom of the Eastern Conference.


I’m amazed he’s leaving his boyhood club so easily especially given they have a new manager coming in.

He’s only 32 as well, surely he could have done a job still if he’d had a proper full preseason.


Shunted out the door ?


Seems like it or else he’s been offered another crazy amount of money to go play in DC.

He must be looking at the England squad heading to the WC and thinking he could have been in that. Not based on his actual form but based on the fact he’s still only 32 and has scored more goals for England than the rest of the forwards combined.


I think it’s best he moves on. He got some important scores in the first part of the season, but as the season moved on he became less and less effective. Everton also have a couple of players who can play in that role (Sigurdsson & Klaassen) probably better than Rooney can and I don’t think Rooney will be happy to be a squad player.


I’m not so sure… Allardyce is an absolute dinosaur and I don’t think you will see Everton play anything like they did last season once the new manager comes in.

Rooney has had a good career and by the looks of him he’s had the craic off the pitch too. He’s probably not bothered about the WC to be honest but it’s just strange he hasn’t given it a better go back at Everton given his history there.


I wonder did mrs rooney play any part in this possible move :thinking:


Hopefully it should be better, it looks like the board still want Silva and he should play a better brand of football. But ultimately I just feel Sigurdsson & Klaassen can preform better in the 10 role than Rooney can. Rooney’s form has dropped quite a bit over the last few years. I think mentally he is already half retired.


John Terry apparently wants a clause in his new contract that if villa gets promoted he won t play v Chelsea. Steve Bruce ready to agree. Has nobody the balls to tell this prick to get lost.


Hope Fulham beat them and then the prize ■■■■ won’t have to worry about it



Another fuckin no hoper - be sacked in 6 months after buying a load of players costing Everton millions.





It’s a circus now. Silva should never have got any job in England. Win 3 games in a row and you are the next big thing.


It’s not like every cloud has a Silva lining …


Why do you say that?


At least he’ll provide a silva service to them.