Premier League 2017/18


Luckiest old bast*rd going, had a great team, a mature team, got the two luckiest breaks Ireland teams have ever had to that point: the penalty against Belgium (was never given to us previously at a moment like that), and above all else the miracle of Sofia. Those two things changed everything.

The team and the nation were freed by that and did very well on the crest of the wave, as they always would have done no matter who was coach. The feel good of the times all got linked to St Jack but the truth of the matter is that team with the right manager, especially when we added some young pacey players after 1990, could have won the Euros, or even reached a WC final.
And even if they didn’t, they could have achieved exactly what they did playing really good football instead of the travesty the world was made to endure.


Moyes gone now as well…


The two of them will just swap?


Feel a bit sorry for Moyes tbh

His career is unravelling before our eyes.


Everton were steady under him. I know some of their fans wanted more. You should really be careful what you wish for.
Big question… where will Sean Dyche go next? I think he will do another season at Burnley, but after that I reckon he’ll go for a bigger job.


Eddie Howe is another that must be wondering should he stick or twist


IEnglish soccer is a joke. Marco Silva for Everton why? Arteta for arsenal again why? West ham are bringing in a Portuguese bloke managing shaktar Donetsk. He ll be a great success I m sure.Why not give an English manager a chance . Ever since wenger European coaches are the go to choice for the top teams but unless they have a bucket of money to spend they re pretty useless. Dyche or Howe should get the offer for arsenal or Everton jobs.


I doubt Arteta will get the Arsenal job having never managed before. The Britiish managers that get given a chance in the premiership are the old guard of Allardyce, Moyes and Pardew. I’d throw Hughes in there too as I don’t think he’s improved any team since he left Blackburn. Hopefully this season will show the boards of clubs that these guys are dinosaurs and don’t belong in the Premiership anymore


The evidence suggests that the big clubs have had (at best) mixed results with UK managers.
Those managers that have gotten big jobs, while the clubs were considered “big” in recent years, have not done well. (I don’t include say Harry at Spurs or Moyes at Everton, as they took those clubs over when they were in bad shape.)

Think Moyes at Utd (nuff said),
Then you have McLearen and the England job (wally with the brolly)
Rodgers almost got it done at Liverpool but fell short (and will likely get another shot)
Hodgeson was terrible at L’pool.
Cant think of too many others

There are no good examples really since Fergie and that was a different time.
Kenny bought the title for BB. Keegan blew it with a very talented squad and a world record fee for a striker…

What’s interesting for me is the path to the big(ish) job seems to be different now. You are probably bettre off being No2 at a big club, than cutting your teeth at mid-lower team.
The amount of former #2’s floating around now ala Arteta, the lad who followed Pep at Barca (was he very sick, or did he pass away?), the guy who was Klopps assistant at BD who is at huddersfield. Or manage a “B” team ala Zidane or Pat Viera.


paul clement is another


Mark Hughes
Southgate when he gets sacked in late June
Phil Brown
Stuart Pearce


What are these examples of?


People who have not appeared on The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne …


The magic of the fa cup finally is nearly upon us


The ever reliable Phil Jones .


Kante small but immense. Ashley Young … horrible …


Very quiet on here. Eintracht Frankfurt beating Bayern “Augustus Gloop” Munich 1-0 at ht, great goal from Rebic. :crossed_fingers:


Agree, Ashley Young really would give Tom Daley a run for his money. Definitely should have conceded a 2nd penalty for handball. Pogba again very, very poir.
Take Hazard and Azpillicuetta out of that Chelsea starting team and they are relegation material.


Eintracht beat Bayern 3-1. Two great goals from Rebic who was outstanding. A jammy goal for Bayern though they had no luck otherwise, hit the underside of the crossbar twice, had a possible penalty in injury time ruled out after review, and went very close with several opportunites. But Eintracht had the conviction to win, and rounded it off with a glorious breakaway run to score the third. First cup win for them in 30 years. Bayern look like a side with alot of players gone/going over the hill, which could also be said for Germany.

Funnily enough the Eintracht manager had already signed up to join Bayern. Niko Kovac was not know as much more than a really good Croatian footballer but he took Eintracht from almost certain relegation just over two years ago to survival, two top 6-8 league finishes, and two cup finals including one win against a great Bayern team.