Premier League 2017/18


City reach the 100 point total.
Some achievement.




And he didn’t cheat to get his tally, like Harry “I got a touch” Kane!

On that subject, congratulations to him on his Eurovision victory last night!


Big Fat Sam gone from Everton.
He did the job that was required of him, in fairness. But he really is a one-trick-pony.


dont think it bothers him to be honest , Salvage merchant will pick up another gig in 6 or 7 months time and try and save a team from relegation for a few million.


If nothing else, he has taught us that you can drink wine from a pint glass.


Just read there…
He’ll get £9m for 6 months work.

There’s plumbers not even making that.


He’d be heading to Russia now and a disastrous World Cup campaign only for the brilliant work of the Telegraph. Damn them. Mind you Southgate will be equally disastrous.


ah i think he would have got them playing as a team - which they haven’t done since '96


I’d be like getting your teeth pulled with a pliers. Jack Charlton Mark II … put 'em under pressure …


But weren’t they the best of times


They were. Ole ole ole ole - ole ole.




For all of his sh*te style of play, I think the whole “feel-good” factor of Ireland qualifying for Euro '88 and Italia '90 more especially, helped contribute to the Celtic Tiger, in some ways. I also believe that Riverdance played a part. Guinness’s marketing of the All-Ireland Hurling Championships in the mid 90’s also helped. Economic conditions were improving after the austerity of the 80’s but these factors gave Irish people newfound confidence and more reason to be proud to be Irish.


Very well said.


Wait, that’s ok now, is it?


No more tea mugs for me.


Strangely enough…his “one trick” (as someone mentioned above) might have been very well suited to International management.
Short timeframes, one off games etc etc

You won’t hear Greek fans complaining about the style of play from the Euro’s they won…


I mentioned it. And you’re right about the Bubbles. And I reckon Sam is happy about his various paycheques over the years.


Even if we could hear them, we wouldn’t understand them!