Premier League 2017/18


Class midfielder in his day , but his best is behind him.He could still do a job for some teams but has he the engine any more .And this bit about the wages is bizare.


Straight to Newcastle United or West Ham for him


He can take a trip around the PL clubs over the next while. He can do Tour A and Tour B and when he decides which is best he can say Ya ya.

WBA gone and Soton likely safe … thanks in no small measure to Shane Long’s goal this season.


Warnock is incredible. How many teams has he promoted from the Championship now I wonder? Whatever it ishe does it never seems to lead to progress overall. Still, gives fans a day in the sun I suppose, something to be said for that amidst decades of nothing.


I think I read four somewhere over the weekend? Horrible man though and shit football.


He’s an arsehole


So… it looks like Ferguson will (thankfully) make a full recovery.
One thing I did notice, that among all of the “get well” messages sent to him, Roy Keane’s was conspicuous in its absence.


Did anyone ask him & get in touch for a comment ?


I’d imagine it would have been private and at the right time.


i’d be pretty sure with keane that he doesn’t say things for likes or attention.


I agree. So much of what we read now, especially in situations such as this, is more about the person saying it than the recipient.


Fergie out of intensive care :clap::clap::clap:


Huddersfield avoid the drop !
Spurs guaranteed CL football .Comes down to the last day between Chelsea & Liverpool


I see Rooney visited Fergie this evening. “His speech is improving and he can nearly string a full sentence together” said a delighted Fergie


Uddersfield’s last 3 games were ManC and Chelski away, Gooners at home. You wouldnt have bet too much on survival given that Swansea have relegated Stoke at home in the last game, and had Southampton and Bournemouth in their two previous. The two away draws made a huge difference as without those they’d have to beat Arsenal to be sure of safety, if they drew they would’ve had to hope Swans didn’t win at home to Stoke. Very unlikely. Ultimately from all that Cardiff fans will be smirking for a while…


Do you think they were milking it, @25AliveOh?


I’ll feel like a proper tit if the pun police descend here now!


Interesting stat I heard last night (I haven’t checked if it’s true): across the English leagues, no team promoted in 2016/17 was immediately relegated again in 2017/18.


Yes atBeeko, I found their whole drama to be lacking, comatose, and intolerant.


Fair play to Man U finishing second with a thrilling 0-0 at West Ham. Very healthy goal difference of +39 … the same as City x2 …