Premier League 2017/18


Looks like Mark Hughes will have managed two relegated teams in the same season.


Happy birthday :grinning:


Is Stephen Ireland still with them?



No , he had to go to a funeral .


He’s had a very unlucky time of it recently. That’s eight grannies he’s lost.


They are probably in Rooney’s basement :scream:



God , best wishes Fergie .



He is one of those men you just thought would be indestructible.

Sincerely hope he pulls through.


Yep, a larger than life character that busted our balls in north London and especially Old Trafford. The intense rivalry subsided when Arsenal became less of a threat and he and Wenger ended up quite friendly afterward. I had begrudging respect for him. I personally wish him a speedy recovery.


Had no time for him - a bully of the highest order when managing tbh. But on this one I sincerely hope he pulls through and Fergie time goes on for a few years yet


It’s not the time to be doing a character comment about AFerguson but I would’ve loved to have seen him and Mourihno against each other more at the peak of each others Prem League managerial careers. I think the whole thing with Wenger was only really of interest to the two clubs involved, personally I didn’t give a shite. The whole thing was a bore revved up by the usual hyperbole. The really interesting head to heads in terms of personal clashes were between a few of the major players(on the pitch) of the era. Even the AF Vs Keegan thing was nowt more than hot air.


Respectfully disagree.

I think the majority of football supporters followed it, they may not have liked it but, like rubbernecking at a motorway accident, they were compelled beyond their will to look.



Whatever way he did it, he was better than anyone else, ever.

Very few come back from something like this I hope he is one that does. A sports legend, a gentleman and a family man by all accounts.


Wenger is a real class act. Super performance to finish and lovely words at the end.

#607 Good riddance.


Yeah … but unfortunately Cardiff and the classless Warnock got promoted the next day … comme ci comme ça




What are the odds on Warnock being the first manager to get the sack (or leave by mutual agreement) in the PL next season?