Premier League 2017/18


Different proposition now …


I thought it was Southend where Ronnie Whelan ballsed things up?





No mon no fun.


Be good to see him making them great again.



Based on today…Stay where you are Stevie la’… :grinning:


Nice to see one of our own get City’s 100th of the season …


He’d be mad to take it. I’d say financially they’re still banjaxed.


To be honest I think it would be good for him.
He knows he has to start at the bottom & then work his way up to a big club!


Credit where it’s due, but it seems Man Utd, Ferguson and even Mourinho gave Wenger a great reception today before the game at Old Trafford.


I really don’t think so unless he can work miracles.
Chris Coleman has gone from Sunderland. Elliot Short has agreed to sell the club and wipe off any debt owed to him. Sunderland will be in League 1 and still getting parachute payments, I think. That might be the job to take for a new manager.


Viagra have agreed to sponsor Tottenham next season, given Spurs’s problems in getting past a semi.


Yeah … outstanding …


Jaysus, you’re in a foul humour tonight. Would you have preferred they did nothing?
I f@cking hate Mourinho and like Man Utd not much more - but fair play for today.


They can’t stand him but now he’s going it’s all buddy buddy? Why?


Well he stopped being a threat to them years ago. Once Ferguson spoke well of you , he did nt rate you. It’s nothing personal I guess from these blokes just business.


Actually found the whole thing abit patronising tbh . They could easily have done it behind doors . Jose looked like he wanted no part of it .


Everything these guys do has to have a ‘symbolic’ element for the supporters, the media etc. Choreography. Who knows what their relationship is like personally. It doesn’t matter. Though I can’t imagine Ferguson and Wenger being friends, more like opposites. It would make a good movie though, the two opposites and Jose Machiavellino in between.


Great to see Chris Hughton doing so well and another PL season guaranteed! It’s always handy to have United down the home straight if you really need three points.