Premier League 2017/18


Even leaving aside that I am an Arsenal supporter, that behaviour is quite repulsive, no?


Yes I can see from that point of view why you wouldn’t like their support .


Securing second place spot above Liverpool means something to the fans anyway . Getting second , winning the fa cup & Liverpool getting beaten in the CL will be the consolation prizes for utd this year.


I’d prefer to be in Liverpool’s position right now to be honest


You don’t win a cup, you get accused of bottling.
You are always behind but keeping pressure on the team in first place claw back some of the lead - but you finish second get accused of bottling.
Actually scrap that, as was stated …

…You finish third or fourth in the league and you draw against WBA and Brighton in the one week , and your accused of bottling second place.


I’m thinking there’s some sort of theme here :thinking:




or spurs


I think spurs have underachieved with the squad they have tbh .


ahh i dunno , from playing great football and being a soft touch to being in the race for scraping into 4th, to being
a solid team and now hopefully qualify for 3 years on the bounce - its been progression each year and being 100% honest i never thought we would win the league the previous 2 years - Leicester went through a run where they won a few games on the bounce 1-0 or 2-1 and you just knew that was that. Chelsea were never going to be caught after they won 12 or 13 on the bounce.

Its time to push on now though , signings have to be better - thats down to poch as well , 60% of his signings have never made an impact (how sissoko is a footballer never-mind still in the squad amazes me).


Could you see any departures after the World Cup ?


Can see rose going as id say he didnt get sold last summer being injured. His attitude stank a bit and hes been carrying injuroes all year shame as he was favourite player last season.

Toby alder. Is as good as gone. Another lad out injured deal was agreed for new contract then his agent changed the goal posts. Combination of that and his time out injured last season and this season means he’s out the gap.

Ali would be mad to go abroad now reckon another 2 seasons with him. Kane you’ll never know. Can see him staying despite riches elsewhere - as long as we 're still bottling leagues :slight_smile:


Dunno where Harry’s gonna put all the medals …, in fairness he has scored goals this season that others could only dream of … being credited with.


Boom boom.


You think Eriksen will stick around ?


Won’t be sold this summer anyway in my opinion. Can’t be selling the stars for the first season in new stadium



Why …


Because he’s a scouse cnut !!!


Liverpool’s greatest ever midfielder managing Rangers?
Is it 1987 again?